School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Modules - current academic year

TitleCodeTerms taught
FHEQ Level 3 (sub-degree)
Communication & Learning SkillsG6066Autumn Semester
Foundation ProgrammingG6065Autumn Semester
Mathematics for Computing 1G6082Autumn Semester
Computing ProjectG6064Autumn & Spring Teaching
Database DevelopmentG6068Spring Semester
Mathematics for Computing 2G6083Spring Semester
Program DesignG6067Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 4
Introduction to Cognitive ScienceG5077Autumn Semester
Introduction to MultimediaG5039Autumn Semester
Introduction to ProgrammingG5066Autumn Semester
Mathematical ConceptsG6012Autumn Semester
Programming ConceptsG6007Autumn Semester
Data Structures & AlgorithmsG5117Spring Semester
Further ProgrammingG5067Spring Semester
Introduction to Computer SystemsG6008Spring Semester
Professional SkillsG5120Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 5
Compilers & Computer ArchitectureG5035Autumn Semester
DatabasesG6031Autumn Semester
Natural Language EngineeringG5119Autumn Semester
Philosophical Foundations of COGSC8808Autumn Semester
Program AnalysisG6017Autumn Semester
Video Production TechniquesG5123Autumn Semester
Game Design and DevelopmentG6078Autumn & Spring Teaching
Informatics Industrial PlacementG6069Autumn & Spring Teaching
3D Modelling and AnimationG6079Spring Semester
Acquired Intelligence & Adapt. BehaviourG6042Spring Semester
Computer NetworksG5115Spring Semester
Computer VisionG6032Spring Semester
Fundamentals of Machine LearningG6061Spring Semester
Live Video ProductionG6053Spring Semester
Operating SystemsG6059Spring Semester
Software EngineeringG6046Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 6
Comparative ProgrammingG6021Autumn Semester
E-Business and E-Commerce SystemsG5075Autumn Semester
Human-Computer InteractionG5026Autumn Semester
Introduction to Computer SecurityG6077Autumn Semester
Knowledge & ReasoningG6019Autumn Semester
Programming for 3DG6080Autumn Semester
Topics in the Philosophy of COGSG5122Autumn Semester
Visual EffectsG6081Autumn Semester
Individual ProjectG5038Autumn & Spring Teaching
Advanced Natural Language EngineeringG5114Spring Semester
Current Issues in Cognitive ScienceC8807Spring Semester
Limits of ComputationG5029Spring Semester
Neural NetworksG5015Spring Semester
Philosophy & Science of ConsciousnessC8893Spring Semester
Technology-Enhanced Learning EnvironmentG5065Spring Semester
Web 3D ApplicationsH7006Spring Semester
Web Applications and ServicesG6060Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)
Foundations of Quantum ComputingD1QT03Dist Learn Block 1
Foundations of Quantum ComputingD5QT03Dist Learn Block 5
Industrial Placement Year978G5Postgraduate Academic Year
Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Project971G5ZPostgraduate Academic Year
Adaptive Systems825G5ZAutumn Semester
Advanced Software Engineering947G5Autumn Semester
Algorithmic Data Science969G5Autumn Semester
Applied Natural Language Processing955G5Autumn Semester
Artificial Life819G5Autumn Semester
E-Business and E-Commerce Systems943G5Autumn Semester
Human-Computer Interaction803G5Autumn Semester
Intelligence in Animals & Machines826G5Autumn Semester
Intelligence in Animals and Machines980G5ZAutumn Semester
Intelligence in Animals and Machines826G5ZAutumn Semester
Maths & Comp Methods for Complex Systems817G5Autumn Semester
Maths & Comp Methods for Complex Systems817G5ZAutumn Semester
Programming through Python823G5Autumn Semester
Programming through Python823G5ZAutumn Semester
Quantum Computing979G5Autumn Semester
Systems for Information Management976G5Autumn Semester
Topics in Computer Science948G5Autumn Semester
Video Production Techniques974G5Autumn Semester
Visual Effects973G5Autumn Semester
3D Modelling and Animation972G5Spring Semester
Adaptive Systems825G5Spring Semester
Advanced Natural Language Processing968G5Spring Semester
Applied Natural Language Processing955G5ZSpring Semester
Entrepreneurship977G5Spring Semester
ESRS Project975G5Spring Semester
Intelligent Systems Techniques802G5ZSpring Semester
Intelligent Systems Techniques802G5Spring Semester
Live Video Production953G5Spring Semester
Machine Learning934G5Spring Semester
Machine Learning934G5ZSpring Semester
Mobile 3D Applications920G5Spring Semester
MSc Individual Project954G5Spring Semester
Technology-Enhanced Learning Environment808G5Spring Semester
Web Applications and Services944G5Spring Semester
Management of IT Project962G5Summer Teaching

Please note that the University will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses and modules in accordance with the descriptions set out here. However, the University keeps its courses and modules under review with the aim of enhancing quality. Some changes may therefore be made to the form or content of courses or modules shown as part of the normal process of curriculum management.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the contents or methods of delivery of, or to discontinue, merge or combine modules, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University. If there are not sufficient student numbers to make a module viable, the University reserves the right to cancel such a module. If the University withdraws or discontinues a module, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative module.

School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

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