School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Modules - current academic year

TitleCodeTerms taught
FHEQ Level 3 (sub-degree)
Foundation Maths AH8002ZAutumn Semester
Intro to Product Design 1: ProcessH7063FAutumn Semester
Mechanics & Properties of MatterH8001ZAutumn Semester
Mechanics & Properties of Matter LabH7117Autumn Semester
Programming for EngineersH8007ZAutumn & Spring Teaching
Applied TechnologyH7129Spring Semester
Electricity & Electronics LaboratoryH7118Spring Semester
Electricity and MagnetismH8004ZSpring Semester
English for EngineeringH8008ZSpring Semester
Foundation Maths BH8006ZSpring Semester
Intro to Product Design 2: PracticeH7064FSpring Semester
FHEQ Level 4
Global Design ChallengeH7103Intersemester Week
Creative Research Methods for DesignH6074Autumn Semester
Drawing for DesignH7112Autumn Semester
Electrical Circuits & DevicesH6098Autumn Semester
Electrical Circuits & DevicesH6098ZAutumn Semester
Engineering Mathematics 1AH1033ZAutumn Semester
Engineering Maths 1AH1033Autumn Semester
Materials & Manufacturing ProcessesH7106Autumn Semester
Materials & ProcessesH7119Autumn Semester
Mathematics for Product DesignH1039Autumn Semester
Programming for EngineersH1038Autumn Semester
Programming for EngineersH1038ZAutumn Semester
Applied Technology for Product DesignH7125Spring Semester
Computer Aided VisualisationH1036Spring Semester
Electromagnetism & Intro Elect MachinesH7130ZSpring Semester
Electromagnetism & Intro Elect MachinesH7130Spring Semester
Electronic Devices & Circuit PrototypingH6099ZSpring Semester
Electronic Devices & Circuit PrototypingH6099Spring Semester
Engineering Mathematics 1BH1034ZSpring Semester
Engineering Maths 1BH1034Spring Semester
Engineering MechanicsH1028Spring Semester
Engineering ThermodynamicsH3052Spring Semester
Experience PrototypingH7111Spring Semester
Narrative of Design in Mod. CultureH1037Spring Semester
Technical Drawing and CADH7131Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 5
Computer NetworksH7127ZAutumn Semester
Design for ManufactureH7104Autumn Semester
Design for Manufacture for PDesH7134Autumn Semester
Design Techniques in PracticeH7072Autumn Semester
Digital Systems & Microprocessor DesignH7068Autumn Semester
Digital Systems & Microprocessor DesignH7068ZAutumn Semester
Electrical Machines & Power ElectronicsH7090Autumn Semester
Electronic Circuit & Systems DesignH7076Autumn Semester
Electronic Circuit & Systems DesignH7076ZAutumn Semester
Engineering Fluid MechanicsH1029Autumn Semester
Engineering Mathematics 2H1042Autumn Semester
Engineering Mathematics 2H1042ZAutumn Semester
Human Factors & ErgonomicsH7099Autumn Semester
Interaction MethodsH1030Autumn Semester
Mechanics of Mechanisms and RobotsH7120ZAutumn Semester
Mechanics of Mechanisms and RobotsH7120Autumn Semester
Principles and Applications of StrengthH7102Autumn Semester
Engineering & Design IPH7105Autumn & Spring Teaching
Analogue Communication and PropagationH6107Spring Semester
Business and Project ManagementH7095ZSpring Semester
Design for IndustryH7008Spring Semester
Digital Signal ProcessingH7138ZSpring Semester
ElectromechanicsH7133Spring Semester
Embedded SystemsH7061ZSpring Semester
Embedded SystemsH7061Spring Semester
Industrial Automation SystemsH7121ZSpring Semester
Industrial Automation SystemsH7121Spring Semester
Integrated Product DesignH1031Spring Semester
Numerical Modelling & Engineering SimsH7137Spring Semester
Professional and Managerial SkillsH1041Spring Semester
Systems Analysis and ControlH6104ZSpring Semester
Systems Analysis and ControlH6104Spring Semester
Toy & Game DesignH7066Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 6
Business and Project ManagementH7095Autumn Semester
Control EngineeringH6105Autumn Semester
Design in the Circular EconomyH7098Autumn Semester
Design PhilosophyH1044Autumn Semester
Dynamics of Machines & VehiclesH7092Autumn Semester
Electrical Power SystemsH6103Autumn Semester
Low Emission Vehicle PropulsionH3051Autumn Semester
Numerical Modelling & Engineering SimsH7132Autumn Semester
Design ProjectH6052Autumn & Spring Teaching
Design Project (BA)H7135Autumn & Spring Teaching
Individual ProjectH1043Autumn & Spring Teaching
Autonomous VehiclesH7122Spring Semester
Design of Mechanisms & MachinesH7110Spring Semester
Digital CommunicationsH6106Spring Semester
Digital Signal ProcessingH6100Spring Semester
Electrical Drive SystemsH6097Spring Semester
Heat TransferH3055Spring Semester
New Generation Vehicle TechnologyH7109Spring Semester
Programming in C++H7126Spring Semester
Radio to Optical Frequency EngineeringH6109Spring Semester
Robot Design and ImplementationH7123Spring Semester
Smart Interactive Sensing SystemsH7128Spring Semester
Thinking Big: The 5 SensesH7108Spring Semester
FHEQ Level 7 (Masters)
5G Industrial Placement Year885H1Postgraduate Academic Year
Industrial Placement Year881H1Postgraduate Academic Year
MSc Individual Project864H1Postgraduate Academic Year
MSc Project (RAS)876H1Postgraduate Academic Year
Robotics & Autonomous Systems Project876H1ZPostgraduate Academic Year
Advanced Digital Signal Processing102H6Autumn Semester
Advanced Electronic Systems524H1Autumn Semester
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies520H3Autumn Semester
Advanced Technology Automotive Systems532H3Autumn Semester
Advanced Thermofluids526H3Autumn Semester
Automation and Mechatronics875H1ZAutumn Semester
Computer Aided Design888H1Autumn Semester
Control Engineering871H1Autumn Semester
Cybernetics and Neural Networks100H6Autumn Semester
Design of Clean Vehicle Propulsion531H3Autumn Semester
Internet-of-Things883H1Autumn Semester
Marketing Analysis and Financial Strateg863H1Autumn Semester
Mechanical Dynamics518H3Autumn Semester
Mechanics of Mechanisms & Robots870H1Autumn Semester
Mechanics of Mechanisms and Robots870H1ZAutumn Semester
Mobile Communications826H1Autumn Semester
Programming for Engineers872H1ZAutumn Semester
Programming for Engineers872H1Autumn Semester
Reawakening Mathematics879H1Autumn Semester
Robot Design and Implementation874H1ZAutumn Semester
MEng Group Project860H1Autumn & Spring Teaching
Advanced EMS Control866H1Spring Semester
Advanced Turbomachinery528H3Spring Semester
Automation and Mechatronics875H1Spring Semester
Computational Fluid Dynamics501H3Spring Semester
Control Engineering871H1ZSpring Semester
Digital Signal Processing Laboratory868H1Spring Semester
Embedded Systems & Sensors873H1Spring Semester
Embedded Systems and Sensors873H1ZSpring Semester
Finite Element Analysis517H3Spring Semester
Heat Transfer Applications506H3Spring Semester
Image Processing521H3ZSpring Semester
Image Processing521H3Spring Semester
Prototyping: Theory and Practice869H1ZSpring Semester
Reconfigurable System on Chip822H1Spring Semester
Robot Design & Implementation874H1Spring Semester
Strategic Management519H3Spring Semester
Topics in Wireless Communications884H1Spring Semester
Wearable Technologies867H1Spring Semester
Masters' Industrial Placement880H1Summer Teaching
MSc Engineering Project865H1Summer Teaching

Please note that the University will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses and modules in accordance with the descriptions set out here. However, the University keeps its courses and modules under review with the aim of enhancing quality. Some changes may therefore be made to the form or content of courses or modules shown as part of the normal process of curriculum management.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the contents or methods of delivery of, or to discontinue, merge or combine modules, if such action is reasonably considered necessary by the University. If there are not sufficient student numbers to make a module viable, the University reserves the right to cancel such a module. If the University withdraws or discontinues a module, it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative module.

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