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Black Lives Matter

The School of Engineering and Informatics pledges its support to Black students and staff across the University. We condemn the violence and terror of racism in all its forms. We also acknowledge its structural presence and histories in all our lives.

Recent events are a powerful reminder that locally we can lose no more time in bringing about the cultural shift we would like to see in wider society. We recognise the urgency of addressing racism within the higher education sector and the specific work we can do to ensure that our staff and students reflect the values that will move us towards justice. Staff and students are critical in helping us all to identify our shortcomings as a School and as an institution, and the actions we should take in response.

Many of our students and staff work on anti-racist projects already, but this labour is overwhelmingly provided voluntarily. This is not acceptable. The University needs to support this work by putting additional actual resources in place. At School level and beyond, we will work to make sure that this labour is valued and recognised. Our goal is to increase the diversity of our community, and we will work to ensure equitable opportunity for Black applicants in the recruitment of both staff and students. We will examine promotion practices to ensure equitable opportunity and we will make training on cultural competency and race equality mandatory for all staff. We will revise our teaching and learning materials and methods where necessary to fully reflect the diversity of our subject and to remove cultural bias. We welcome the challenge of transforming our culture.

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School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

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