Sussex Undergraduate Research Office

About the JRA scheme

The Junior Research Associate (JRA) scheme aims to inspire and excite students about the idea of postgraduate study and a career in research, so the program is specifically designed to give students the best possible chance of success, should they choose to follow this path.

The Junior Research Associate (JRA) scheme allows selected undergraduate students to take part in a summer research project under the guidance of an academic. It lasts eight weeks and gives students a taste of working in a research role at Sussex.

We want the JRA scheme to benefit all students who are enthusiastic about a future in research, and who will conduct a successful research project with merit. We particularly aim to make it accessible to students who might not otherwise be exposed to research or consider a research career.

Follow the links below to learn more about being a JRA, including the stages of the JRA journey, a look at some previous projects and winning posters and insights from previous JRAs/supervisors.