Sussex Estates and Facilities

Postal services


For information about internal mail for your building, contact your Porter or Building Manager.

Consult the Residences page for information on accommodation addresses on campus.


Consult our University postcodes list for the postcodes of all buildings at the University of Sussex.

Please ensure you include your full campus address when arranging for deliveries.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 5:30

Courier services (internal and external) must be booked through the Service Centre:
T x7777 (external: 01273 87 7777)

Courier services for staff

Courier services are available to University schools and departments via SEF.

  1. Contact the Service Centre at, with details of your delivery as below.
  2. SEF will arrange the consignment, collect the item, and will bill your school or department at no additional charge to the cost of the consignment.
  3. The item will be posted out at the earliest possible delivery date.

You will need to provide the following details to arrange courier services. We cannot arrange delivery of hazardous items, or certain consignments for Life Sciences and BSMS. This service is not available to students.

  • what the item is
  • where our staff can collect it (building and room number)
  • full delivery address
  • approximate size and weight (if known)
  • value per item
  • subproject code
  • date to be collected by courier
  • date to be received by the recipient
  • an e-mail address to send delivery tracking information to
  • a contact telephone number

Please be aware that we must receive all of the above information before we can provide a quote for delivery.

Mail Delivery

  • Incoming mail delivered to the central mail room will be sorted ready for delivery to the relevant buildings, Schools and Directorates. Mail will be delivered to individual post coded locations.

Internal mail

  • Internal mail will be collected from the drop points during the scheduled post rounds. There will be two scheduled internal mail collections at 8.00am and at 11.00am. The mail room will sort all incoming internal mail in the same manner as incoming items, ready for the next scheduled mail round.

Outgoing Mail Collection

  • Mail operatives will collect outgoing post from a central location per School or Directorate through the working day, with the final collection being at 3pm. This outgoing post will be returned to the central mail room no later than 3.30pm.
  • All 1st class, 2nd class, and international mail is handled by CMS.
  • Special and signed-for items are still collected and handled by Royal Mail.

External Mail sorting and distribution

  • Incoming mail delivered to the central mail room will be sorted and prepared for delivery to the relevant buildings, Schools and Directorates. Mail will be delivered to individual pigeon holes or agreed delivery points.

Recorded mail and special deliveries

  • Once an item has been received and logged, the Mail Supervisor will contact the addressee immediately to agree delivery arrangements. It will then either be delivered directly to, or collected by, the addressee from the mail room.

Posting of international mail

  • Mail collected from drop points during the scheduled post rounds will be sorted and the mail room will ensure the necessary Post Office forms and customs declarations are completed for each package being sent.

Royal Mail delivery to residences

  • Royal Mail will deliver directly to the Residential Post Coded Locations. The Residence Porter will be available to receive the mail.

Mail sorting and distribution for residences

  • The Residence Porter will place incoming mail in the flat or house mailbox. All residences will have an up-to-date occupancy list which will be used to make sure mail is placed in the correct box. Mail for students in the Park Houses, i.e. Kent, Lancaster, Norwich, York and Kulukundis will be delivered to York House and distributed to the Houses from there.

Parcels, recorded or special deliveries for residences

  • The Residence Porters will receive all incoming parcels and deliveries and maintain a record of each item. A slip notifying the student of the delivery will be placed in their mailbox. The student will either collect the item or arrange for its delivery to their room. The signature of the student and time of delivery or collection will be recorded.

Redirection and return of mail for students

  • Residential Porters will work with the Zone Supervisor to ensure occupancy lists are up to date and take into account student moves and changes. Mail for students no longer at a residence will be returned to the central mail room for redirection. Mail for students no longer resident at the University will be returned to the sender if the address is shown on the envelope.
  • Any mail without a return address will returned to Royal Mail with a completed Royal Mail returns sticker stating the reason for returning the item.