Sussex Estates and Facilities

Campus Accessibility

Keep updated on any planned work or outages that may affect access to buildings or parts of campus.

Work affecting campus

See an up-to-date record of any outages or works affecting accessibility on campus, as well as planned maintenance and closures.

This could include:

  • lift outages
  • automatic doors
  • wheelchair ramps and access routes
  • closed pathways

At SEF, we aim to resolve any issues and outages as quickly as possible, especially those that have a direct impact on the comfort and access of students and staff.

If you experience an issue in a non-residential building on campus, report it to the Service Centre at Residential issues should be reported to your Porter.

Visit AccessAble for information on access to all buildings on campus.

Current accessibility impacts

All Campus Green - minimal impact  Please be aware that our Grounds team is undertaking general path and paving slab repairs across campus, which may result in partial path closures in places. N/A
Refectory Road Green - minimal impact Please be aware of the ongoing works at the East Slope construction site, which necessitate limited vehicle access on Refectory Road, and barriers on the pavement. Please avoid this road and the pavement whenever possible, and use the pedestrian path through the centre of campus instead. N/A 
Arts A Amber - potential impact We are currently experiencing issues with a set of glass automatic doors between Arts A and the Asa Briggs lecture theatre building. The assigned facilities manager is investigating, with specialists to attend if required. 31/05/19
Pevensey 3 Amber - local stairlift out of order One disabled access stairlift out of order on Level 5. Service Centre and Maintenance team currently arranging resolution with external specialists due to complications. (Updated 13/05/19) 13/02/19

Transport impacts

Location of ImpactStatusDetails
All campus Amber - impact to public transport access for residences Boiler House Hill will be closed entirely on 29 June, from 8am to 6pm. Traffic will be diverted via the Southern Ring Road, with buses no longer accessing the north end of campus during this closure.
Boiler House Hill, top corner Green - minor impact to movement Major pump house works have begun, starting with the partial closure of this corner as it is expanded to allow easier bus access. Work is now subsiding and moving towards Estates Road. (Updated 28/06/19)

More information on impacts to roads and parking is available on the weekly parking update.

Impacts to bus services can be found on the Brighton & Hove Buses website. Impacts to train services can be found on the Southern Rail website.

Upcoming works

      No impactful works currently planned.