School of Psychology

PGR Attendance Absence and Engagement process- Psychology


The University’s policy is that Postgraduate Research (PGR) students are expected to meet regularly with their supervisor(s) as agreed in consultation with their supervisor(s) and at least once per month. 

Supervisory meetings are considered the principal mode of engagement for PGR students. In Psychology, attendance is monitored via monthly supervisor meetings.

Meetings should be recorded on Sussex Direct within one week of the meeting taking place. The student or supervisor can create the record of the supervisory meeting and the supervisor must approve that record within one week.

Engagement recording is still required when students are at a different location e.g. on field work, and a meeting should take place monthly, via skype, email etc and still be recorded on Sussex Direct.

Recording of supervisor meetings will be monitored by School Research and Enterprise Co-ordinator (REC). Concern will be raised to the Director of Doctoral Studies (DDS), and the Research Student Administration Office (RSAO) will be informed in any of the following scenarios:

  • If a student misses up to three consecutive supervisor meetings without an intermission or ‘authorised absence’
  • If Research and Enterprise Co-ordinators note that regular supervisory meetings for PGR students are not being recorded.

 Absence affecting progression on the course should be reported to the REC, and/or the DDS. This will enable necessary action to be taken to best support the student.

Information on intermission and ‘authorised absences’ can be found here:

If a student has been flagged as causing concern, Research and Enterprise Co-ordinators will contact the supervisor in the first instance to ensure that there has been no delay in recording engagements on Sussex Direct.

If it is found that the student has not been engaging, RSAO will then contact the student.  RSAO will establish any reasons for non-engagement, and agree a plan for future engagement in liaison with the DDS and supervisor.  They will signpost students to the Student Life Centre where relevant.

Where the student cannot be contacted action will be taken by RSAO to start the withdrawal process.