School of Psychology

Seminar Series

Psychology Colloquia

14th Februrary                   

David Simmons: "Sensory sensitivities, neural noise and autism."

21st February


28th February

Verena Heise: "Robust research - a practical guide."

7th March

Travis Proulx: TBC

14th March

Inex Myin-Germeys: TBC

21st March

Lorna Hamilton: TBC

28th March

Rupert Brown: "Henri Tajfel: explorer of identity and difference."

4th April

Barbara Arfe: "Understanding problems in writing: current gaps in development writing models."

11th April

Masi Noor: "Can Victims Do It On Their Own? The Effects of Counterfactual Thinking on Unilateral Forgiveness."
9th May

Lee Hogarth: "Drug addiction is a disorder of excessive goal-directed choice in negative affective states, not habit or compulsion."


Sussex Neuroscience

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COGS Research Seminars

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SPT Sussex Psychosis Research interest Group

Social & Applied Psychology Group

6th February                             

Zoltan Dienes (University of Sussex): "How do I know what my theory predicts?"

13th February

No seminar (Board of Study)

20th February

Rupert Brown (University of Sussex): "Henri Tajfel: the Bristol years."

27th February

no talk arranged yet

6th March

Richard Joiner (University of Bath): "Loss to Gain: the effect of playing a mathematics educational app on summer learning loss."

13th March

John Drury (University of Sussex): "A social-cognitive model of urban riot diffusion."

20th March

no talk arranged yet

27th March

Hisham Abu-Rayya (University of Sussex)" Living Together: An Integrated Acculturation - Contact Strategy To Promote Ethnic Harmony Between British Muslims And Anglo-Britons."

3rd April

Matt Easterbrook (University of Sussex): "Social psychological processes underlying educational inequalities."

10th April

Richard de Visser (University of Sussex): Dry January 2019.

17th April

No seminar (Easter)

24th April

No seminar (Easter)

1st May

Selin Tekin Guven (University of Sussex): "Understanding the Dynamics of Identity in Campaign Groups in the Aftermath of the Grenfell Tower Fire."

8th May

Lambros Lazuras (Sheffield Hallam University): "One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small: Can we use self-affirmation to enhance health risk communication in nutritional supplement users?"