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Genetic variation alters efficacy of antidepressant

13 November 2013

Sussex study demonstrates how genes can influence the brain's response to antidepressants.

Sussex scientists unravel the wonders of DNA and more at Brighton Science Festival

6 February 2013

Researchers are out in force for Brighton Science Festival, sharing their passion for everything from the cosmos to the wonder of DNA.

Walking with zombies: Sussex researchers explore consciousness at Science Museum event

22 January 2013

University of Sussex researchers will join forces with the public in january to fend off a zombie attack – all in the name of science.

Daredevil student Sam falls for her date on TV show

10 January 2013

University of Sussex doctoral student Samantha Culpeck is to feature in a groundbreaking television series that explores disability and romance.

Why watching someone itch makes you scratch

12 November 2012

Have you ever experienced the feelings of itchiness while watching someone else scratch?

Sussex research probes role of creamy textures and flavours in satisfying appetite

31 October 2012

Diet foods that offer thicker, creamier textures increase expectations of satisfaction, reveals new Sussex research.

Psychologist’s conference talk explores how head wins over heart in the quest for power

9 October 2012

The abuse of power is never far from the news, with leaders in politics, banking, the law and the media all shown to be expert in bending the rules.

Melanie Crouch

16 July 2012

A special tribute will be paid today (Thursday morning 19 July 2012) when Melanie Crouch is awarded a posthumous Bachelor of Science degree.

Becky’s eye view of what’s on our minds

16 July 2012

Becky Heaver’s psychology research involved asking people to lie to her, but she finds it impossible to tell lies herself.

Secrets of the mind unlocked at consciousness conference

15 June 2012

A major conference dedicated to examining the brain processes of consciousness is being hosted by Sussex’s Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science.

Items 191 to 200 of 202

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