Department of Physics and Astronomy

RP posters

This page has all the files you need in order to create your research placement poster. All you need to add is your research!

The templates are in Microsoft PowerPoint, which should be installed on all University computers. Remember that when submitting, if possible you will need to submit the original PowerPoint file, as well as a .pdf of your poster. Please only submit .ppt, not .pptx.

We are aware that PowerPoint is not a design program and can be difficult to work with - please feel free to use a different design program if you have one, but you must still follow the template below. That said, see below for some examples of what can be done if you persevere with PowerPoint!

Poster templates

You are welcome to change the colour of the background (and you may use an image if you have a suitable image that is of high-enough quality) – otherwise, please try to modify these templates as little as possible!


Because of University branding guidelines, you need to use specific fonts for your poster. Please do not deviate from the usage as demonstrated in the templates. If you are on a University computer, they should already be available. Here are some examples of completed RP posters: