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Tools: How do I import an entire section from one site to another?

 In order to import an entire section with the section heading and section introduction:

1. Navigate to the site:

Dashboard > Tools > Import sections, resources and activities page

2. Select the site you wish to import from.

3. And select "import this section only" button. The import will commence immediately and bring the section to the bottom of the target site.

Import section

 4. You can then move the section to the place you would like it to appear. In order to do so see the following FAQ: 

How do I move a section?

Please note:

  • The import will bring the title and introductory text of the section
  • All the section contents will be imported regardless of the checkboxes you have selected in this and other sections
  • You cannot import more than one entire section at a time
  • If the section was restricted to a supergroup this setting will be lost. If you want to associate the section with a supergroup you will need to reapply the setting to a supergroup set up in the target site.


You can also import individual resources or activities by following the FAQ: How do I Import resources and activities from another site?


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Created by Paolo Oprandi on 5 January 2017 and last updated by Paolo Oprandi on 6 January 2017