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Tools: How do I Import resources and activities from another site?

The 'Import' function can be used if you want to bring across an entire section, resources or activities from another site that you have access to.

To do this click on the ‘Dashboard’ button – then on the left side menu click on Tools > Import a section, resources or activities.

You then select the site you want to import content from.

If you want to bring across an entire section there are instructions to do so on the FAQ:

How do I import an entire section from one site to another?

If you want to bring across individual resources or activities you must select the resources and activities that you want to bring across by clicking on the check box. You can 'Select All' for each section by clicking on the link above the assets listed.  

Once you have completed your selection click ‘Import’ – the content should then be imported into your site.


If you are not importing an entire section, resources and activities will be imported into their corresponding sections. If there is not a corresponding section, do not worry, as the system will create a 'Holding section' in which the excess content will be imported into. You will then be able to move each asset to a required location from there.

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Created by Mark Parsons on 28 January 2016 and last updated by Paolo Oprandi on 5 January 2017