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Can I get training in using NVivo?

To help students get started with NVivo, QSR International provide a free online eDemo outlining how NVivo can be used to enhance your research project/activities.

QSR also regularly hold online sessions which focus on particular aspects of NVivo's features, such as how NVivo can be used to build on data already stored in third party software products such as EndNote. Other sessions include:

  • online tutorials that are designed to help you learn NVivo features on a modular basis,
  • eSeminars which students can participate in to see how experts in various academic and professional fields have used NVivo to conduct their own research projects from either an academic and commercial perspective.

Students can also attend hosted workshops in London or other locations for a small fee. For more details, including information on how to register for training sessions, please see:

Please note:

The Doctoral School also offer NVivo training for Research students, please check Sussex Direct>Personal tab>Training Courses> Training Courses Booking Facility>Research Development>Research Methods/Data Analysis




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