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How can I obtain a Personal Copy of EndNote for use on my own or home computer

The University has signed up to the CHEST Agreement for EndNote. This covers all University purchased computers. The agreement does not cover staff and students own computers.

However, you can obtain EndNote from Bilaney Consultants for your own computer, at the discounted rate of around £80 available to institutions participating in the CHEST scheme, as follows:

Please note that IT Services will try to assist with problems which arise from the use of this software, but we cannot investigate problems that arise from the software's installation and operation on computers which we do not own.

Use the EndNote for iPad App (£1.49 @ 3-4-14) built-in web browser to directly import citations rom web databases including Web of Science, PubMed, Google Scholar and hundreds more

Free Web Version  
EndNote Web/Online is available, free of charge, to academic and government subscribers to ISI Web of Science (formerly ISI Web of Knowledge). To subscribe, Connect to the ISI Web of Science home page and click the button to "access Web of Science". Once you're logged in, click the EndNote link at the top of the screen and then Register.

If you are on campus when you subscribe you can also use and signup. Access can then be gained from location.

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