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Doctoral researchers present at international partner institutions

The University has established partnerships with a range of organisations and institutions overseas which provide exciting opportunities for research collaborations.

Within the last call for applications to the Doctoral Overseas Conference (DOC) grant scheme, the Doctoral School were pleased to award 6 doctoral researchers with funds to support them in presenting their research at an overseas conference with which the University is in partnership with: Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and the University of Ghana.

Read on to hear about the experiences of Wezi Mwangulube and Christine Wanjala from the School of Education and Social Work...

Wezi Mwangulube (School of Education and Social Work) presented at a symposium preceding the Development in Question Conference at Cornell University in October:

“Presenting at the symposium provided me with a conducive collaborative learning opportunity in which I interacted with a diverse range of academics working in development research. I presented one of my empirical chapters from which I got very useful feedback on how to strengthen my case in order to showcase the findings of my research in addition to making me think further beyond my ‘comfort zone’ and ask the question for instance, why other concepts were not relevant for my research – a question that has positioned my thinking differently and in a way helping prepare me for finalising my thesis. I met people I wouldn’t have necessarily come across who are also working in the same area as me which was a good way of exchanging learning.”

Christine Wanjala (School of Education and Social work) presented at the 2nd International Conference on Education Research for Development in Africa (ICERDA) in Ghana in October:

“Being the first time to share my research findings to an expert audience, I felt nervous. Despite the parallel sessions, there was a high turn-out. I wondered whether I would satisfy the curiosity of the audience. Astoundingly, as I presented, impressions of satisfaction were evident as heads nodded in unison giving me courage and confidence. Being the only student presenting among Doctors I was surprised by a professor’s illustration, “you were the only professor among the Doctors!” A mixture of happiness and surprise abounded. Attending the conference boosted my confidence; I realised my research was worthwhile and fit for purpose in the real world of practice. Faculty from various universities requested my contact details and permission to be added to mailing lists; including the secretary general of the World Education Research Association (WERA). This was an opportunity to learn, share and network. My sincere appreciation to the Doctoral Overseas Conference (DOC) Grant Scheme."

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