School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

Module choices

For students who have registered online, module choices can be selected via Sussex Direct until Friday, 12 October 2018 but you are advised to choose your modules earlier as teaching will start the week beginning 24 September 2018 

Module choices can also  be selected using the paper forms which can be found on the module choice page.


Some optional modules may not run if there are insufficient students registered, so please make your choices as soon as you can.


You can look up the teaching times for any module in the teaching timetable.  Students are required to attend all the lectures for a module. For some modules more than one seminar, class or workshop group runs.  Students are only required to attend one teaching group.  Students will allocated to a teaching group. 

If you can't decide:

Contact your MSc Course Convenor if you need advice before making your selection. Full descriptions of all the modules on your MSc course can be found online in the Department course and module specifications web pages.  

To change optional module

If you have already handed in a Module Choice form and you want to change one or more of your optional modules, complete a Change of Module form, and hand it in at the Engineering and Informatics School Office.  If you are making the change after Week 3 of the relevant Term, the module tutor of each new module must sign the Module change form.

Please don't attend a different module without informing the School Office or you may be entered for the wrong examinations and assessments!

To substitute a module from another MSc course

If you have already handed in a Module Choice form and you want to take a module from a different MSc degree course, please complete a Change of Module Form available from the School Office.

To change your MSc course

If you decide the MSc course you have selected is unsuitable for you and you wish to change to another, complete a Transfer of course form, available from the School Office,  as well as a Module choice form (see links above) for your intended new course.

Please collect the three required signatures on the Transfer form yourself, then hand in the two forms at the School Office.

School of Engineering and Informatics (for staff and students)

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