Academic Development and Quality Enhancement

Academic Integrity

The following resources are provided to support staff in embedding academic integrity in assessment:


1. Investigating Officer annual task list (2018/19) [DOCX 14.17KB]

2. Email template from Investigating Officers to Module Convenors (2018/19) [DOCX 31.83KB]

3. Academic integrity School handbook insert (2018/19) [DOCX 21.63KB]

4. Email template from Course Convenor to students re academic integrity [DOCX 22.15KB] (sent to students by Professional Services)

5. Academic Integrity Assessment approval process [DOCX 19.59KB] (to be updated for 2018/19).

6. In-class test procedure to support academic integrity (2018/19)  [DOCX 15.93KB]

7. Proof reading guidance 2018/19 [DOCX 18.61KB]

8. Role Descriptor for Academic Misconduct Panel Chair [DOCX 28.50KB]; Role Descriptor for Academic Misconduct Panel Member [DOCX 25.25KB]; Role Descriptor for Investigating Officer [DOCX 30.07KB] (published November 2018).

9.  Evidence File check list [DOCX 14.46KB] to ensure that the Evidence File for a Misconduct Panel is complete (published March 2019)

10. Check list for Professional Service colleagues supporting compilation of Evidence File (to follow).