Photo of Maurizio MarinelliMaurizio Marinelli


Dr Marinelli specialises in contemporary China’s cultural, intellectual and urban history. His research investigates how China’s relations with the rest of the world have influenced historical narratives and shaped ways of representing each other within their respective intellectual discourses.

He has worked for a few years on the socio-spatial transformation of the port city of Tianjin, from the foreign concessions era (1860-1945) to the present.  His new project explores space and power relations in Hong Kong, with particular attention to the history of street markets and their struggle for survival.

The focus of this research is located at the crossroads of history, politics and society. Through this interdisciplinary lens, the exploration of socio-spatial transformation in China becomes a means to engage with larger related universally experienced themes, such as: the links between colonialism and globalisation, territoriality, identity formation, citizenship construction,and the impact of gentrification.