Software Hub

Previously known as Application Jukebox, this software allows you to use a range of specialist programs on demand. It is installed on student computers in Richmond, Chichester and SCLS.

Using an application

1 Click the Software Hub icon on the desktop.

Software Hub icon on the desktop

If you don't have the icon on the desktop of the PC you are using, click this link to the web portal (opens in new tab). The Application Jukebox player will need to be installed on your PC for the link to work properly.

2 In the web page that opens, click the application you want to use.

Software Hub web page shown when you click the icon

3 By default you get a list of all the software that's available but you can use the categories button on the left to see applications specific to Engineering or Informatics.

Categories choice on the left of the screen.

It may take a few minutes for the program to open the first time it is used on a particular computer - the process will be much quicker the next time.

About the service

Software Hub enables you to install and run a range of software on demand. Programs installed in this way can be configured, licensed and updated automatically without having to make changes to individual computers.

You can use a growing number of programs through the Software Hub, including Wireshark and 3DS Max.

Why use this approach?

With the Software Hub, programs are installed and updated in real time whenever they are opened. This has a number of advantages. For example, it's possible to keep software up to date without having to reinstall hundreds of PCs. And because updates are handled centrally, everyone will be using the same version of the software.

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