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Application launching error and removing unneeded software

Removing Apps from PC

If you launch the application from Software Hub on your computer, next time you can find that application on the Windows start menu.

Sometimes an error may occur. If that happens, find and highlight the application in the Cloudpaging Player then press the Launch button.

The Cloudpaging Player can be found in Windows start menu.

If you would like to remove any launched application from Software Hub from your PC, you can select it in a Cloudpaging Player, make sure that the application is stoped and click on Remove. That will completely remove that application form your PC, so next time you will need to find and launch it again from the Software Hub.

Why do I see a 'validation failed' message when trying to open Software Hub?

This error message can occur when the Software Hub is busy preparing programs you have used before on the same computer. You can usually work around the problem just by waiting for a few minutes and then refreshing the browser page.

Updated on 9 November 2022