Research server hosting

ITS supports the view that research servers and research storage should be housed and managed centrally so that they receive the best security, continuity of service and management to ensure optimum resilience for University services.

ITS provides a hosting service for specialized departmental research servers which benefit from:

  • being in an environmentally controlled server rooms with secure physical access
  • centralized and off-site backup
  • maintenance by trained and experienced staff

We offer:

  • Physical Server hosting
  • Virtual Server Hosting (VMWare)

ITS runs many of its core services on VMs. A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a computer that executes programs like a real machine. For most applications, using a virtual server is preferable to physical servers due to Cost. They are significantly cheaper to implement as numerous VMs can be hosted on single physical machine. Not only are the VMs sharing the same hardware, power, networking, and storage infrastructure, they can be easily moved to another physical server, enabling speedy recovery of services.

Costs are the same as providing mirrored disk storage - £4615 per TB