Research support team

The team's remit is to provide support and advice to researchers using the University IT systems within their research and is funded from resources provided by a number of contributing Schools.

If you are involved in the preparation of a bid for research funds, the Research Computing team are available to help in discussing objectives and recommending customized computing solutions with regards to possible machine specifications and data storage requirements. They can facilitate price quotations from suppliers and vendors.

The team are also responsible for supporting High Performance Computing (HPC) within the University. The University's HPC provides a core set of facilities that we expect to be enhanced through research grants and other systems purchased by Schools.



Leonardo Rojas-Amaya – Research Computing Services Manager (ext 8463)
Reese Wilkinson - Research Computing Officer
Luke Ingerson – Research Computing Operator (ext 2198)
Simon Davis – Storage Lead (ext 3558)

Technology for research

Research data storage

Facilities for maintaining high volumes of data needed for research.

High performance computing

High-capacity computing systems supporting projects which require the processing of large volumes of data. Integration of other university wide research computing systems.

Research web services

Provision of virtual machines for research web services, e.g., LifeSci - Drug Discovery; Psychology - Neurosciences; Informatics - Natural Language Processing

Updated on 2 December 2021