Protect sensitive data

Protect sensitive data

Ensure you keep your information secure.

You should encrypt your devices and data and take care whenever you share data with others - always use an encrypted and secure method for transferring sensitive or priviledged information.

If you are using a Windows 10 computer and you have the Pro or Education version, you should set up bitlocker to encrypt your hard drive. Students can download Windows 10 Education for free.

If you're a Mac user, setup FileVault for Mac

Store your files using a cloud service that has version history. This will allow you to recover lost files in the event of a security breach. Sussex provides Microsoft OneDrive (for students and staff) and Box (for staff). Both provide version history.

You should avoiding using USB drives to transfer data. These drives are easy to lose or misplace, you can forget about old data that's been stored on one and they do fail eventually, meaning you will lose your data. It's better to use cloud file storage and share links.
However, if you must use a USB flash drive, learn about encrypting a USB flash drive

Updated on 1 January 1970