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Why do I get an error message when I cut and paste comments into general and individual feedback in Sussex Direct?

You get an error message when using cut and paste to add comments into general and individual feedback if you are using Word or Excel.

There is a known problem when cutting and pasting from Word or Excel using Firefox. This is because behind the text there is a large amount of HTML code created and this takes you over the 4000 characters restriction when pasting directly into Sussex Direct.

Either when using Word is to save your word file in plain text and then cut and paste your remarks.
To do this open your word file

  • Click Save As
  • In the window Save As Type (below the file name ) Scroll down and
    select the Plain Text (*.txt) option
  • You will be told that you will lose some word formatting but just
    click OK
  • Now the file is in plain text you can cut and paste directly into
    Sussex direct

Alternatively you can cut and paste text from Word or Excel into Notepad or Wordpad (these can both be found under the All Programs, Accessories (Start menu).
Then you can cut and paste your remarks into Sussex Direct directly
from the Notepad or Wordpad document.

To fix the problem either an administrator (through teaching admin>convenor), or the Convenor, can go to this course in Sussex Direct and for each 'problem' student the feedback box will appear empty. You should click the 'html' icon above the feedback box and you will see the feedback and lots of 'surplus' code. If you delete everything except the feedback and save, the feedback will then show on the Convenor page and on the student's page.



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Created by Sandy Radford on 11 June 2009 and last updated by Jack McCulloch on 20 September 2016