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I am a tutor and I am meant to be marking the formal assessment for the module I'm teaching on. The thing is, I can't see this assessment in Sussex Direct. Can you help?

Formal assessment is looked after by the module assessment convenor. They will be able to set whether they will record all the marks for a course assessment themselves, or whether they delegate it to the tutors teaching on a particular type of teaching groups for the module (e.g. the module convenor can delegate assessment marking to all tutors taking the seminars on a module or the workshops etc). 

Once they have delegated the assessment out then you will see it in the Marks section of your module teaching pages in Sussex Direct.  If you are unsure you should talk to the assessment convenor for the module.

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Created by Michele Saliman on 24 March 2009 and last updated by Jack McCulloch on 20 September 2016