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I want to upload documents to a committee in Sussex Direct. How do I get access?

Access to upload a document to a committee in Sussex Direct is governed by what access a person has to a committee in the 'groups' system. 

Viewing Documents

There are 2 levels of access for viewing committee documents. In most cases documents can be seen by any authenticated Sussex Direct user and can be accessed by every Sussex Direct user (staff, students and associates). These documents are flagged by a grey 'page' icon. To see this information go to Searches > Committees, select the committee you want to see and any associated documents will be shown alongside the relevant committee meeting.

In some cases documents can be viewed only by those in the committee. These documents are flagged by a red 'page' icon. Only those members on the committee will be able to see this information. Committee members are maintained by Planning, Governance and Compliance.

Uploading Documents

Only those who are named in the role of committee 'SECRETARY' or committee 'DOCPERSON' in the groups system will be able to upload documents to a committee. Only one 'SECRETARY' role is permitted per committee at any one time. The amount of 'DOCPERSON' roles available is pre-determined by the committee. Uploading documents and updating committee membership is maintained by members of the committee with update access.

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Created by Michele Saliman on 10 February 2009 and last updated by Adam Mills on 30 May 2023