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For how long will I be able to access Sussex Direct after I've finished studying?

As a student you will be able to access Sussex Direct for up to 7 months after completing your programme of study. 

You will be able to log on to Sussex Direct in the usual way, using your ITS username and password.   In Sussex Direct, you can check your marks and use the online Graduation system in Sussex Direct to book Graduation Ceremony tickets.

Although your access to Sussex Direct is extended until Winter Graduation, other account facilities, such as your University email account, Canvas and access to your documents folder will be subject to the usual closure procedure which is described in detail in FAQ 5.   You must ensure that you copy any files that you need from your documents folder, and - if required - set up a forwarding address on your Sussex email account before you leave the university.  At the end of the 7 month period, your access to Sussex Direct will be terminated automatically.

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Created by Katie Damen on 25 October 2006 and last updated by Paul Ryan on 3 November 2021