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Previous JRA projects

In the table below, you can see the names of the research posters presented at last year's 'Celebrating Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition'. These will give you an idea of the scope of past JRA projects. Below the table, you'll find a gallery of the ten of the best JRA posters from our 2017 JRA cohort.

Accounting and Finance

- Empirical evidence on the impact of different green energy policy framworks on firm investment behaviour.

- Ownership and control in publically listed corporations in Hong Kong.

Art History

- A Black Body: Recasting Black British Art 1980s-Present.

- Renaissance Secrets in the Home.

- To what extent does Edward James' home and garden represent the changing nature of Surrealism in 1930s Britain?

- Representation of African Americans in Surrealist magazines and periodicals.

- Art Photography and Web 2.0: A Literature Review.

- Contemporary art and the market.


- Novel roles for the exoribonuclease Dis3L2 in cell proliferation.

- Development of an in vitro assay to estimate the In vivo cytochrome 450 specific clearance of Xenobiotics.

- Structural studies of PNKP bound to small molecular inhibitors.

- Biochemical and crystallographic studies of a cAha1-Hsp90 complex.


- Bitter-sweet memories: Quantifying how sugar and caffeine in flower nectar evoke memories in bees.

Biomedical Science

- Determination of the structure of Hsp90 in complex with activators designed to target Alzheimer’s disease.

- Targeting Cancer: Developing Small Molecule Inhibitors of Human RECQL5.

- Investigating the role of PICH in mitosis.

- Does the intercellular exchange of micro-RNAs regulate the expression of Blimp-1 in inflammatory cells?

- Alzheimer's Research: Localisation of microtubule-associated protein tau and its nuclear interacting partners in the human brain: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease.

- Identification of SOCS proteins in the Cul5 directed degradation of the Hsp90 dependent kinase, Raf1.

- A molecular study, using 'cassette' plasmids, into the stabilisation of DNA replication pushed through protein-DNA barriers.

- Developing a novel approach to measure the systems property of the G2/M transition in mammalian cells.

- Tracking a DNA damage response protein in human cells.

- Mechanism and evolutionary conservation of the interaction between SUMO and telomeric protein Stn1.


- Beyond oxidative stress: is glutathione just an antioxidant or is it a signalling molecule?

- Epidemiology of primary liver cancer in the elderly (age 65+ years) in England, 1971-2010.

- Exploring parents and caregivers' and school staff views on extending a school absence reporting app to provide tailored guidance on asthma management.

- Quality of online information on autism and vaccinations: an evaluation, content analysis and comparison of English and Mandarin webpages.

- Regulation of SARM in monocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients.

- Characterisation of the recruitment of E3 SUMO ligase Pli1 to telomeres in regulation of telomerase activity.

- Brain structure and joint hypermobility; relevance to clinical anxiety disorder.

- “Developing BETter Cancer Treatments”  Targeting autophagy as a therapeutic strategy in acute myeloid leukaemia.

- Development of an assay for serum Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 (HIF1) alpha and its application to studies of atherogenesis.

- Role of acid sensing ion channels in the peripheral mechanisms of neuropathic pain.

- What is an arteriole? Towards an improved classification of the cerebromicrovascuature.

- How do general practitioners conceptualise and record anxiety disorders? A qualitative interview study.


- Does the Nature of Remittances Have an Effect on Household Expenditure? A Comparison of Households in Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Business with Human Resources

- Discrimination and Legitimacy within Organisations.

Business Management

- Are Fintech companies showing similar price patterns to Technology businesses in 2000 and if so, is the FinTech industry the next Dot-Com bubble?   

- An investigation into how bank default probabilities and stock prices were affected as a result of the implementation of Vickers’ Ring-fencing policy within the United Kingdom. 

- Banking efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa.


- Computational studies on Acridines, to further the fight against Cancer.

- Investigating the aggregate lifetime of the organic species ‘Sunset yellow’ via nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

- Iron and Cobalt Complexes in Unusual Geometries for Single Molecular Magnetism.

- Polynuclear Zn/4f coordination clusters exhibiting catalytic properties.

- A New Paradigm in Peptide Synthesis for Drug Manafacture.

- Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Isocoumarin Ant Trail Pheromones.

- Developing mildly acidic phosphine-borane ligands as components for intramolecular metal-basic FLPs.

- Synthesis of novel 1,4-benzodiazepine compounds for application within drug discovery.

- Quantum Dots and the Micromammal: Super-resolution in Fission Yeast.

- Optimising the Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction.

- Blinking dots and energy transfer plots: an investigation of power-law scaling in chemical physics.

- Investigation for Ni/Dy Polynuclear Coordination Clusters with Interesting Magnetic and Catalytic Properties.

- The development of Photo electrochemical water splitting/Gas sensors/Solar cells using nanotubes.

- The effect of solvent on the formation reaction of palladacycles.

- Novel Synthesis of 3,4-Dihydroisocoumarins for study of trail-following behaviour in Lasius Niger.

- Developing the polynuclear inorganic clusters database.

Computer Science

- Idealised compiler for parallel computing.

- Children Programming Through Voice.

- Educational Capturing and Visualising Movements in Groups.

- A Wed-based Sussex Machine Learning Teaching Aid.

An investigation into the use of three-dimensional printing in anatomy education.

Computer Science with A.I.

- Ambush: Modelling cooperative predation against a self -protective evader using Genetic Programming.

- An agent based model of  motor adaptation in Larval Zebrafish.

Ecology & Environment

- Does altitude contribute to social organisation in sweat bees?

- Neonicotinoids and flower-handling in bumblebees.


- Do Remittance Payments Help Alleviate Poverty For Families in Zimbabwe?

- Pop Up Advertising and Purchasing Behaviour.

- Are the forecasts of amateur football pundits rational?

- Does Migration Improve Living Standards in Zimbabwe?

- Fragmentation of production and the digital economy.

- The relation between innovation, employment and inequality in the UK.

- An investigation into the effectiveness of Vietnamese government policy in closing the income gap between majority ethnic groups.

- The impact of Sexual Orientation on poverty and individual well-being.

- Are awards the pinncle or a stepping stone to success? Evidence from Queen's awards for enterprise.

- Economics of Happiness and Football: An assessment on the impact of football on subjective well-being.

- How do weather and climate affect happiness and wellbeing?

- Compensation and Incentives of CEO: Hong Kong.

- Spatial inequality of primary schooling in Uttarakhand, India.

- Proxy Futures for Hedging environmental Real Options.

- The relation between conflict and private enterprise activity in low income countries

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

- Position and Movement Tracking in 3-D Environment.

- Developing Affordable Instrumentation for Fluid Flow Measurements.


- Employing Image De-rotation to Explore Heat Transfer in Jet Turbine Engines.

- Inductive Program Synthesis.

- Experimental Modelling of Natural Joints.

- An agent based model of  motor adaptation in Larval Zebrafish.

Engineering & Design

- Modelling blood flow with MPS (Moving particle semi-implicit).


- 'Enough of Experts': Rhetoric as a Tool of Oppositional Poetics.

- The Female Apocalypse: Changes in reproductive "choice", agency and politics: a utopia or a dystopia?

- The Great Acceleration of Converging Cataclysms.

- How does compliment response correspond to compliment length?

- Non-verbal Communication as an Erotic Way of Relating to the World in Audre Lorde’s Zami: A Biomythography.

- Poetry and Self-Definition: The Work of Anna Mendelssohn.

- Re-discovering the globe: A study of Emery Molyneux's 1592 globe and its cultural implications

- "The sort of thing that can't be spoken of": dissociation in Hemingway's narrative style.

- Triggering affected states: The politics and ethics of staging trauma in the work of Katie Mitchell.

- The Right Stuff: Female Astronauts in Science Fiction.

- Humphrey Jennings: Cinema and Surrealism, 1934-1950.

English Language & Linguistics

- Developing a parts-of-speech tagging system for Cameroon Pidgin English.

- Investigating orthographical kisses (x) in computer mediated communication.

- Dictionaries and Anglo-American prescriptivism: A(n) Historical Approach.


- A Bioinformatics study of prophase I meiotic HiC data, aggregated on the centromere.

- Investigation of Intra-chromosomal Interactions around centromeric regions of S.cerevisiae.

- Molecular control of gene activity during animal development.

- Ribosomal Subunit Processing Dysfunction in the Delta FUS Cell Model of ALS.

- Synonymous Codon Bias: An Effect on Protein Evolution?


- Emotionless Forecasts: Increasing Climate Change Risk?

- Bridging the Gap: Applying concepts of sustainability to grassroots organisations.


- Recalling Macaulay: A treatise into the life and works of the celebrated historian Catherine Macaulay.

- A Mufti in Brighton: Muhammad ‘Abduh and the formation of a Muslim Brighton.

- Towards a Global History of Islamic Socialism: The Reception of Gaddafi’s Green Book across Africa and the Middle East in the 1970s.

- Resistance, Film and Apartheid.

- Allied Clandestine Air Operations into Occupied France.

- Ho Chi Minh and Sussex.

- The Foundling Hospital 1890-1900: A study into child desertion and middle class support.

- The Rolling Stones: Bands as Producers of Historical Knowledge.

- Space and Identity in Hong Kong.

- The Global impact of the August 1941 Atlantic Charter.

- Utopia in revolt: Conceptions of Utopia in American struggles, from Bellamy's Looking Backward  to the San-Francisco Diggers.

- Holocaust education beyond the History Classroom.


- Autonomous robot navigation using GPU enhanced neural networks.

- Question-Question Pairing with Deep Neural Networks.

- Simulating Evacuating Crowds with Mobility Models in the ONE Simulator.

- Sleep-Wake Robotics: Evolution of a Braitenberg vehicle through continuous modelling of the environment.

- Evolving Networks that Satisfy Constraints.

- Stronger Types - Better Types - Dependent Types.

- Reliability of DPLL Implementations. 

- A programming language with Higher-Kinded types.

International Relations 

- British expats in Spain and Brexit: A Survey and Socio-Historical Review.

- Drawing Local Demarcations: Perception of Refugees in Zones of Contact.

- Putin’s embodied sovereignty; the rise-of hyper-masculinity and struggles over legitimacy and identity in U.S. political discourse.

- Borders, migration, and space: subversive actions against the state and its landscaped response.

- The new social stratification in contemporary China and its relatons to economic and political change.

- Human rights versus authoritarianism. Arms transfers to Egypt and the Arab Spring


- The impact of international volunteers as an integral part of community development in Zimbabwe.

- Law reform surrounding 'unfitness to plead'.

- Female Genital Mutilation ("FGM"), Female Genital Circumcision, Female Genital Operation: Do UK laws banning "FGM" undermine the complexities of this practice?

- The politics and Discourses of Human Rights Protection: A Critical Analysis of the Status of Syrian Asylum-Seekers and Migrants in the UK.


- Are Adjectives Actually Verbs in Cameroon Pidgin English? A Corpus Based Study of Core Versus Peripheral Property Concept Expressions.


- An Application of the 'Travelling Salesman' to Brighton's Landmarks.

- From models of microstructure via energy minimization to the design of smart materials.

- An investigation of random fields with radically elementary probability theory.

- Fourier Multipliers, Bochner-Reisz Summability, and the Littlewood-Paley g-functions.

- Coupled bulk-surface models for cell motility: Analysis and simulations.

- Unearthing mathematical models for cell-surface dynamics: from experiments to mathematics.

- The net on characteristics of classes, embedding of manifolds, whitney-stiefel classes, frame bundles and normal bundles.

- Quantum Logic: can we resolve its conflict with the well-established truths of classical reason?

- Numerical and computational analysis of a mathematical model for tumour growth in two space dimensions.

Media and Cultural Studies

- Queering Virginity Online.

Mechanical Engineering

Heat Transfer Measurements Using Infrared Thermography.

Medical Neuroscience

- Aligning Dimensions of Interoceptive Experience (ADIE) to prevent development of anxiety disorders in autism.

- Classifying and Developing Scales for Visual Snow Syndrome and Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder.

- Steps toward developing a novel APOE switch mouse (Alzheimer's research).

- The role of TDP-43 in aberrant alternative translation in motor neuron disease.

- Introducing PARO into a health care setting for patients with dementia.

- Characterisation of Amyloid-beta extracted from Alzheimer's disease brain tissue.

- Reversal of amyloid-induced memory impairment by the adenylate cyclase activator polypeptide PACAP and the Rho kinase (ROCK) inhibitor Fasudil.


- Interoceptive processing across the senses and links with affective symptoms.

- Parkinson's disease and Impulsivity: biological and behavioural markers.

- The effects of a glycerol and creatine 'hyper-hydration' strategy on the detection of recombinant human erythropoietin doping.

- Expression patterns of mechanically sensitive ion channels in an inflammatory model of neuropathic pain.

- An investigation into the use of three-dimensional printing in anatomy education.

- Testing the connectivity hypothesis of Autism.

- The roles of MiRNAs in hormone therapy resistant breast cancers.

- Looking at un-regulated sperm donation from an ethical view point.

- Targeting DNMT3A Expression in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.


- Evaluating rhythm accuracy with NETEM's Syncphonia tablet applications.

- "Playing to strengths" - Exploring human-machine relationships in the digital age.


- Carrying a risk gene for dementia: The effect of APOE on cognition in mid-adulthood.

- Examining Junction Plakoglobin/ γ-Catenin as a Cytoplasmic Dynein Adaptor Protein.

- Using computer modelling to further understand and refine Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

- Visual bias in the walking behaviour of ants.

- Characterising cell-specific knockdown of GABAA receptors.

- How the Heartbeat Affects Free Choices.

- From ants to humans: how simple models of visual navigation might explain human behaviour.

- Development of a new test using everyday objects to cue reminiscences.

- The identification of novel cytoplasmic dynein adapter proteins.

- Exhibitions of periods of sleep and the consolidation of memory in Lymnaea stagnalis.

- Virtual Agency: Using Virtual Reality to Investigate our Sense of Agency and Self-Consciousness.

- Investigating the Performance of the Wood Ant Visual System through Retinal Structure and Function.

- Can the non-synaptic plasticity of the cerebral giant cells (CGCs) in Lymnaea Stagnalis be explained by changes in a persistant sodium current?

Neuroscience with Cognitive Science

- Direct brain state modulation by close-loop visual feedback.

- Circuit level changes related to memory lapses.

- How are visual systems tuned to visually guided behaviour?


- Knowing Mendelssohn through the Archive.

- Shame and Emotional Responses to Art: A Feminist Approach.

- Eliminativism about the Manifest and Common-sense Realism.

- Beyond Associationism: The Coleridgean Transition from Hartley to Kent.


- Faint-End Upturn of the Luminosity Function of Galaxies in Clusters.

- Predictions for the James Webb Space Telescope.

- Retarded Casimir Polder Forces for Neutral Atom Near a Strip.

- A Search for Planet-9 in Dark Energy Survey Images.

- Terahartz Generation.

- Thomas the Tank Engine and the fate of the Universe.

- Testing Theories Beyond General Relativity with Gravitational Waves

- Higgs production with a jet-veto via bottom quark annihilation.

- Why is there more matter than antimatter in the universe? A re-evaluation of systematic effects affecting neutron electric dipole moment experiments.

- Picture Exchange Communication Application.

- Setting up a low-levl Radon emanation screening apparatus

Physics & Astronomy

- Predicting observables from models of cosmic inflation.

- Dynamics on a quantum network.

- Enhancing the measurement of physical phenomena through the exploitation of quantum state fragility.

- Imaging with ultrashort Terahertz pulses.

- Computational quantum mechanics: visualizing the quantum wavefunction.

- Do galaxies inherit their bias from their host dark matter halo?


- How are Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage portrayed as in British newspapers and what does this mean for populism?

- Women’s Ministerial Representation; How Formal and Informal Rules shape Ministerial Recruitment in Sweden.


- Debunking Autism Myths.

- Developing Stimuli to Test Infant Hue Discrimination.

- Endogenous distractors: How and why does a thought achieve salience?

- The Goal of Common Ground: Neural Models of Teaching Cognition (pilot study).

- Characterising cell specific knockdown of α2-containing GABA receptors in the brain.

- Beyond contagion? Testing Social identification as mechanism and boundary condition in involuntary influence of aggression.

-  "That person reminds me of Auntie Enid": how the learning of unfamiliar faces is affected by their similarity to familiar faces. 

- Phenotypic characterisation of neurons activated by cocaine-associated contexts.

- Memory for past emotional experiences in a non human: the domestic horse.

- A study of the influence of APOE on hippocampal overactivity.

- What psychological treatment should be offered to patients with Borderlijne Personality Disorder who experience auditory hullucinations.

- Perceptual hyper-sensitivity in synaesthesia using the pattern glare test and TMS.

- Mirroring Emotions: A basis for empathy in non-human animals?

- Cross-model associations in infancy: colour and pitch.

- The influence of cardiac control of fear in the brain on treatment for spider phobias.

- Does the salience of intention hinder copying fidelity in an imitation task?

- I can do IT.

- Make me weary and I'll act on a whim.

- Substance specific risk factors for for relaps in early recovery from substance misuse.

- Conceptual chance in the domaine of electricity: effects of external representations and analogies.

- Development of a tool to enable adolescents to make decisions about seeking help.

- Colour-Letter associations in the general population.



Psychology with Cognitive Science

- Paternal and maternal mind-mindedness: associations with parent and child characteristics.

- Reading comprehension in children with autism spectrum disorders and its relationship with their perceptual span.

Psychology with Neuroscience

- Salient thoughts: What makes a thought catch our attention?

Social Work

- Supervision of workers in adult services: improving outcomes from a service user/carer prospective.


- “Don’t feed the troll” - A dramaturgical analysis of interactional responses to deviant behaviour in an online community.

- Monotony, Tedium and Boredom.

- What doing well means to young adults who were formerly in care.

- 'Lad cultures' in student bars: exploring complex power relations.

- The construction of an idealised self for young women on social media.

Sociology & Cultural Studies

- Swipe, Message, Block? A comparative study of men's use of online dating services.

Sociology & Media Studies

- British attitudes towards Romanian immigraton.

Sociology & Politics

- The ethnography of Grime music: An exploration into the urban disenfranchised.

Theoretical Physics

- Imagine conversion to suit the requirements of tactification.

- Path Integral Approach to Pricing Options.

- Mass measurements of Clusters of Galaxies.

- Phase Transitions in the Early Universe.

- Cosmic string and the Higgs.


Seasonal Variation in Exploitative Competition Between Honey Bees and Bumblebees.

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