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Fee Waiver

Please note that the current fee waiver scheme for both University of Brighton and University of Sussex courses for University of Sussex Staff is currently under review and may be subject to change/withdrawal. 

Current guidelines

Please note the position at the moment is that:

University of Sussex employees are entitled to apply for a fee waiver to study a part-time postgraduate course. The fee waiver may be full (100%) or a partial waiver.

Please note that for University of Sussex courses the costs of any fees to be waived to staff will be charged to the employee's Head of School/Unit. Approval is therefore needed from the Head of School/Unit before any application can proceed. Any decision regarding approval will also take into consideration whether the proposed programme of study is directly relevant to the applicant's post.

Any agreement to waive fees will be limited to one financial year. Applicants must reapply for fees to be waived for any subsequent year. Please see the agreement guidelines for further details: