Staff Development

What does the appraisal process involve and are there any appraisal forms?

The Scheme revolves around an on-going process of review, support and development with a formal, annual meeting between the appraisee and appraiser. This allows space and time to 'take stock' of progress during the past year, and then to plan ahead for the next, which is articulated through a yearly Appraisal Agreement.

The Sussex Staff Appraisal Scheme documentation comprises an appraisal form with helpful guidelines:

Appraisal Guidelines:

Appraisal Forms:

Academic Staff Form

Professional Services Staff Form

The Professioinal Services Appraisal Form comprises three sections, Section 1 and 2 for appraisee and appraiser preparation respectively and Section 3, the yearly Appraisal Agreement.

Technical Staff Form