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Research Staff Representatives

Research Staff Representatives are drawn from schools across the University and meet termly with the Research Staff Office. Reps advise on and influence university policy and projects relating to Sussex Researchers and share good practice of research staff support between schools.

Many of the Research Staff Reps also represent research staff on University Committees such as the Research Staff Working Group, University and School level Athena Swan Self-Assessment Teams and School Research Committees.

Get involved - Become a Research Staff Rep

We always welcome new reps from any school/department. If you would be interested in representing your fellow researchers and influencing University policy while enhancing your CV, take a look at the Research Staff Reps Terms of Reference or contact us for more information.

photo of Stefano Caserta


"The Research Staff Reps group is a good environment to exchange opinions and influence decisions that impact on our careers.  By becoming a Research Staff Rep I feel that I have positively contributed to our diverse researcher community and gained a solid understanding of our wider roles within the University." 
Dr Stefano Caserta

  Photo of Christiane Oedekoven                                                                                      

"I became a Research Staff Rep because I felt that there are issues specific to our work which need to be raised in a wider context. Being a Research Staff Representative is a great way to get to know the inner workings of the University better, as well as my fellow researchers." 
Dr Christiane Oedekoven


Introducing the Research Staff Representatives

Dr Raquel Arribas (School of Life Sciences)
Dr Rosanna Barnard (School of Life Sciences)

I am a Research Fellow in the Evolution, Behaviour and Environment research group within the School of Life Sciences. My research involves using mathematical models and techniques to make predictions about the spread of infectious diseases. Prior to this, I worked on my doctorate within the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at Sussex, modelling and analysing dynamic processes occurring on complex networks.

I became a Research Staff representative because I feel strongly that all individuals and groups within the University should have their voice heard. Having been at Sussex for the last 8 years, I hope that my experience here will help me in supporting and encouraging fellow Research Staff as well as in representing their views in order to influence policies and projects in the future.

Dr Mark Bason (School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Mark Bason Rep Photo

I am a Research Fellow working on quantum technologies in the Department of Physics. As part of this role, I am looking at ways in which we can apply quantum research to research questions in other fields. One area in which this approach is useful is in neuroscience, by measuring the magnetic fields from the brain we hope to learn more about cognitive processes and develop new clinical treatments for epilepsy.

During my time as a Rep, I hope to learn more about the current challenges facing research staff and help shape appropriate responses to the changing role of academia. To the role, I bring my experience of engaging with government, industry and fellow academics through the Marie Curie Alumni Association.

Dr Monika Chugh (School of Life Sciences)

I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences. My research focus is long and short non-coding RNAs in the field of Cancer Biology. I am trying to identify novel and crucial targets for therapy in Breast and Pancreatic cancer. I aim to do this by Genome engineering using CRISPR/Cas9 technology to identify novel targets for treatment of Cancer.

I had earlier worked as Research Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Labs, New York along with doing MBA in BioScience industry at Stony Brook University to gain deep understanding into path of taking basic science research for the benefits of the patients. As a Research Staff Representative, I hope to raise the concerns surrounding the uncertainty of this job profile and delineate a path to academia for fellows at the University that includes Teaching and Research Fellowships. I also aim to bridge the gap between basic Research and its potential to be translated into commercial discovery for the benefits of patients using my education and experience of working with Innovation centres at Stony Brook University, NewYork.

Dr Matthew Day (School of Life Sciences, Genome)

Matthew Day Reps Photo
I am a Research Fellow in the Genome Damage and Stability Centre. My research focuses on the structures of protein and DNA complexes involved in the cellular response to DNA damage. I am the postdoctoral researcher representative for the GDSC and also a member of the Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team. I believe there are issues that relate specifically to being a post doctoral researcher that should be represented throughout the levels of university management.

Dr Alex Dewar (School of Engineering and Informatics)
Dr Leonardo Garcia Garcia (School of Engineering and Informatics)

Engineering InformaticsI am a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Engineering and Informatics working in the development of a smart textile for shape sensing. I became a Research staff representative because I am interested in discussing and consulting topics of importance for the Research staff and the University.

I would like to exchange information, news, and ideas between both parts that can have an impact on research roles, as well as to provide support to new researchers and circulate information about courses, career coaching, and any tool available for development provided by the University that can generate impact in career aspirations.

Leonardo's staff profile

Dr Antonio Hinojosa (School of Life Sciences)
Dr Jessica Hudson (Sussex Drug Discovery Centre)

Photo of Jessica Hudson

I am a research fellow at the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre. I am a cell biologist and I work in the area of oncology. I have also worked in the GDSC as a research fellow. I hope through being a rep I can make research fellows aware of the training and support available to them and help them get as much as they can from their position in Sussex.

Dr Joshua Moon (Science Policy Research Unit, SPRU)

I am a Research Fellow an Tutor in the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU). My research includes Research Evaluation, Sustainability Research Methods, and Knowledge Production & Use in Global Health.

As a Research Staff Rep I hope to be able to ensure a plurality of voices are heard. I would also like to advocate for a more conscientious approach to structural wellbeing, with a particular focus on improving the Mental Health of academics and dismantling structures and cultures of over-work.

Dr Raysa Khan (School of Life Sciences)

Raysa Khan Rep Photo

I am a research fellow in Medicinal Chemistry in School of Life Sciences. I’m currently working on a cancer research project focusing on developing ‘rescue’ drugs for p53 mutant Y220C– a mutation that is found in around 100,000 cancer patients every year. I am actively involved with various public outreach platforms for promoting young scientists and the science they do. I became a Research Staff Representative to help voice the concerns of my fellow research colleagues and I endeavour to make an effective contribution in bridging the gap between researchers and university management.

Dr Birgul Kutan (School of Education and Social Work)
Dr Grammatiki Lioliou (School of Engineering and Infromatics)

RepI am a Research Fellow in Radiation Detection and Instrumentation, in the Space Research Group, within the School of Engineering and Informatics. I have been at the University of Sussex since 2012, first as an MSc student, then a PhD student, and currently a Research Staff.

As a Research Staff Representative I hope to engage researchers of my School with the Research Staff Office activities (such as trainings and development programmes) for their support and professional development.  Additionally, I would like to represent my colleagues at the Research Staff Reps committee meetings and contribute to the decisions made for University’s policies and practices affecting the support provided to Sussex researchers.

Dr Katherine Lovell (Science Policy Research Unit, SPRU)

Katherine Lovell's Picture

Katherine is a Research Fellow in SPRU. Her current research on business models in infrastructure development and delivery is part of the International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF). She is research staff rep for BMEc and SPRU.


Dr John Maule (School of Psychology)

John Maule Rep photo

I am a Senior Research Fellow in the Sussex Colour Group and Baby Lab, in the School of Psychology. My research interests are in visual perception and processing, particularly with regard to colour. I am currently working on a project exploring the role of environmental calibration in the human visual system, through experimental, cross-cultural and developmental approaches.

I hope that as a research staff rep I can help to raise the profile of post-docs and the important work that we do to drive the research profile of the university, as well as representing the priorities, expectations and concerns of research staff in the School of Psychology.

Dr Sophie Nicod (School of Life Sciences)
Mr Peter Overbury (School of Engineering)
Dr Inyaki Pueyo-Marques (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)
Dr Husam Ramadan (School of Engineering and Informatics)

Husam Ramadan Rep PhotoI am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Engineering. I am working in the field of Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, and Electrical Power System Engineering. My current research focuses on the application of Virtual conductors into DC power systems. I am passionate about being part of a multicultural organization that develops innovation and state of the art technologies to provide solutions for the challenges which are facing the electrical energy industry. 

As a Research Representative for the school of Engineering, I will try to figure out solutions for issues and challenges faced research staff in this area, and to raise their complains to the university management. Furthermore, being in touch with university administration would definitely help me to gain experience into university management that would further help me in my academic career.

Ms Anna Ridgewell (School of Education and Social Work)

Anna Ridgewell Reps Photo
I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Innovation and Research in Wellbeing (CIRW) within the Department of Education and Social Work. I have worked in mental health research for over ten years - prior to joining Sussex I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Academic Psychiatry at University College London and I have also worked at the University of Essex and Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group. I take a specific interest in the mental health and wellbeing of children and older adults. As a Research Staff Representative I hope to help other researchers feel fully heard by their senior colleagues, representing their experiences and views.

Dr Kira Shaw (School of Psychology)

Kira Shaw Reps Photo
I am a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Psychology studying how the brain energy balance differs between visual cortex and hippocampus.

I became a Research Staff Rep because I feel that it is important that the needs and the views of research staff are represented in our department. I also thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about how the University runs, and meet new people along the way.

Dr Kristy Themelis (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Kira Shaw Reps Photo

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at BSMS, currently working on an Arthritis Research UK-funded interventional trial looking at mechanisms of chronic pain and fatigue.

I’m also a co-representative for Early Career Researchers in our department, with the aim of addressing some of the challenges ECR’s face and actively supporting the need to involve ECR’s in discussion around formal and informal policy-making.

Dr Dan Watson (School of Global Studies)
Dr Takeshi Yoshimatsu (School of Life Sciences)
Our past Reps and where they are now...

Dr Christian Byrnes
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Royal Society Research Fellow and Lecturer in Department
of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sussex.


Dr Liz Ford 
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Liz was appointed as a Lecturer in Research  Methodology and
Research Fellow in Brighton and Sussex Medical School.


Dr Rebecca Graber
School of Psychology

Rebecca was appointed as a Lecturer in Psychology at the
Univeristy of Brighton.


Dr Lena Grinsted 
School of Life Sciences, EBE

Lena secured a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship to be hosted at Royal Holloway from February 2017.


Dr Ralitsa Hiteva
School of Business, Management and Economics, SPRU

Ralitsa is continuing her research within SPRU as a Research


Dr Fiona Ingleby
School of Life Sciences, EBE

Fiona was appointed as Data Analysis and Research Manager with Cancer Research UK.


Dr Christina Jones
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Christina was appointed as a Lecturer in Paediatrics in Brighton
and Sussex Medical School.


Dr Matthew Musgrave
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Matthew moved to a Postdoctoral Associate at Brookhaven
National Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Dr Leanne Proops
School of Psychology

Leanne was appointed as a Lecturer in Psychology at the University
of Postmouth.

Dr Andrew Ridley
School of Life Sciences, Genome

Andrew was appointed as Product Manager at Labtech
International Ltd.

Stuart Rulten
School of Life Sciences, Genome

Stuart was appointed as a Medical Writer for Prime Global.  

Dr Francesco Ventrella
School of History, Art History and Philosophy

Francesco was appointed as a Lecturer in Art History at the
University of Sussex.

Dr Kate Ward
School of Global Studies

Kate was appointed as a Research Associate at Imperial College

Dr Duncan Carmichael
School of Psychology

Duncan was appointed as a Researcher for the University of Edinburgh.  

Dr Gianluca Memoli
School of Engineering and Informatics

Gianluca was appointed as a Lecturer in Department of Informatics at the University of Sussex.  

Dr Ceren Özpinar
School of History, Art History and Philosophy

Ceren was appointed as a Lecturer for the University of Brighton.  

Dr Elizabeth Rendon-Morales
School of Engineering and Informatics

Elizabeth was appointed as a Lecturer in the department of Engineering and Design at the University of Sussex.  

Dr Stefano Caserta
Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Stefano has been appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Hull.  

Dr Bruno Zamorano
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Bruno has taken a position as a data scientist for an organisation based in Surrey.  

Dr Alice Eldrige
School of Media, Film and Music

Alice has been appointed as a Lecturer at the School of Media, Film and Music.  



Further Information

Meet Your Reps Presentation

For a brief overview of the benefits of becoming a rep please see the PowerPoint presented at the 'Meet Your Reps' event hosted by the Postdoctoral Network.

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