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About the HR Excellence in Research Award
The award recognises the measures the University is taking to improve working conditions and career development opportunities for research staff by implementing the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and The European Charter for Researchers.

The University’s Research Staff Working Group oversees progress against the Concordat Implementation Plan.

Every two years the University must undertake a formal review of its progress and update the Concordat Implementation Plan, setting out the strategy and actions for the next two year period. This process is reviewed by the UK Awards panel (2 year and 6 year review) and external peer review (4 year review).

HR Excellence in Research Documentation
The Concordat to support Researchers

2019 Internal Review (deadline 22nd Nov 2019)

2017 External Review (deadline 19th May 2017)

2015 Internal Review (deadline 22nd May 2015)

2013 Original Submission


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