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Key Contacts for Research Staff

The Research Staff Office works with research staff representatives, colleagues in schools and professional services across the University to champion the needs of research staff. We implement policy and projects to enhance researcher experiences and to support the professional development of research staff at each stage of their research career at Sussex.

Katy Stoddard

Researcher Development Manager (Secretary)

Katy oversees the daily activities of the Research Staff Office and coordinates the implementation of projects and policy to support research staff across the University. This involves working with research staff, Professional Services colleagues and contacts within Schools to coordinate and enhance the support offered to all members of current and prospective research staff. Katy is secretary to the Researcher Development Concordat Steering Group.


T:+44 (0)1273 677979

Location: Research and Enterprise, Falmer House

Erika Mancini - Director of Research Staff DevelopmentDr Erika Mancini

Director of Research Staff Development 

Erika is the Chair of the Researcher Development Concordat Steering Group. Her role as Director of Research Staff Development involves creating a thriving environment for the development of research staff. Erika will be overseeing the implementation and improvement of the Concordat for the Career Development of Researchers; increasing the visibility of research staff at the University level; acting as a key liaison point between research staff and School/Professional Services staff; and advocating for research staff as a community.


T:+44 (0)1273 678613


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