Sussex Estates and Facilities

Travel plan

The following factors contribute to the need for a comprehensive Travel Plan:

  • to improve the quality of the environment of the campus and to achieve sustainable site develoment
  • to achieve a co-ordinated approach to transport issues at the University e.g. the need to balance the costs of enabling private car use (e.g. maintenance of car parks, etc.) with subsidy of public transport
  • to use the Plan as a tool to support planning and development applications for the campus in the light of planning constraints such as the requirement for zero increase in peak-hour traffic generation, restrictions on car-park development, etc.,
  • to respond to national and local initiatives for the provision of integrated and sustainable transport planning, e.g. traffic management and the imposition of workplace parking levies
  • to integrate travel and transport initiatives that have already been undertaken.

More information can be found in the unabridged version of the latest Travel Plan, prepared in February 2016.