Sussex Estates and Facilities

Student parking FAQs

As a student, can I pay by phone to park on campus?

Yes. Anybody can pay by phone to park on campus. However, this payment method is principally designed for use by visitors and no return is permitted after three hours.

What is the definition of ‘exceptional circumstances’?

Some students have exceptional circumstances that mean they are an essential car user and cannot travel to campus using other means. These students can apply for a permit to park on campus. In most cases, these applications will be considered and approved through agreed channels, typically via either the Student Support Unit or the University Parking Panel.

Students with exceptional circumstances include:

  • Students with families resident on campus (standard parking fees apply)
  • Blue Badge holders (exempt from parking charges when displaying a council-issued Blue Badge)
  • Students with a temporary mobility issue or disability (standard parking fees apply)
  • Students with caring responsibilities (standard parking fees apply)
  • Students whose journey by public transport routinely exceeds 1.25 hours (1 hour and 15 minutes) (standard parking fees apply)
Using public transport is not a viable way to get to campus from where I live. How is public transport accessibility assessed?

If your journey time by public transport would routinely exceed 1.25 hours, you may be eligible for an exceptional campus parking permit. If you believe that your journey to campus via public transport is not viable, complete the form and submit it to Please provide clear details about your journey, as this information will be used together with other assessment tools by the Parking Panel to grant or decline your request for campus parking.

What is the role of the Parking Panel, and how is the membership of the panel made up?

The panel is convened and chaired by the University’s Estates Contract Manager, and includes:

  • Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF), Head of Customer Service
  • Students’ Union representative
  • Professional Services representative
  • Academic representative
  • HR Representative (as required)

The panel’s role is to review and consider applications for parking permits from exceptional student groups (as defined within the Parking Policy), to consider appeals for parking permits where a permit has not been allocated on the basis of the agreed Parking Policy, and to consider applications for carer's permits.

If I take up a permit, will I have to pay the full fee up front? If I decide to cancel the permit, can I get a refund for the months that remain?

Students can apply to park for one term only, at the cost of £66 for campus parking under exceptional circumstances. Please be aware that this permit will expire at the end of the term and will not renew automatically - you will need to reapply if you wish to park in the following term as well.

If you wish to cancel your permit you can return it to the Transport Office, where you will be refunded for any full months remaining (usually until 31 August if annual, or the end of the current term if termly).

Refunds are not available for after 1 June. Any refund requests must be submitted before 1 June for that academic year.

I can’t afford a car parking permit. What are my other options for travelling to campus?

The campus is well-served by public transport, with frequent bus services throughout the day, and Falmer railway station is situated just a short walk away. A 16-25 Railcard offers a discount of one-third on ordinary rail fares, and discounts are available on buses via a student mticket

Cycling to campus is not only better for the environment than driving but also has great health benefits. Cycle paths to the campus are available from the city centre and on many urban routes, and the University participates in the Brighton bike-share scheme. Lastly, you could share the cost of fuel and parking by car sharing; you may be able to make arrangements to do this with with flatmates or friends.

As a student, can I park a motorcycle on campus?

Yes. Motorcycle owners may park on campus only in the designated motorcycle parking spaces, and use of these parking spaces is free of charge. A permit is not required; however, you must register your vehicle with the Transport Office to park on campus. Contact giving your name, vehicle registration number, vehicle manufacturer and model, and your email address.