Sussex Estates and Facilities

Projects and Information

In addition to the services provided to maintain the campus grounds, our Grounds team undertakes numerous additional projects to improve the campus environment and to minimalise the impact the University has on the surrounding ecology, often in collaboration with members of the University.

Many of these projects have worked to support various green accreditations and awards at the University. Following efforts from SEF, the University of Sussex was presented a Green Flag Award from the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy. This accolade designates Falmer campus as one of the best green spaces in the UK, chosen for cleanliness, sustainability, and conservation.

The future of campus

Our plans for campus have been fully revised for 2018 onwards, and updated to ensure that the campus can accommodate its growing activity as it expands to over 18,000 students. The plan reinforces Sir Basil Spence’s key design principles which make the campus so special and unique. Working in collaboration with English Heritage, Brighton & Hove City Council and other local bodies, the goal is to develop a shared agreement that ensures that its architectural legacy is not compromised.

The Grounds plan helps us to develop the best aspects of Sir Basil Spence's original vision for the site, with interlocking courtyards and with trees and landscape still dominant. The approach recognises that our environment requires sensitive regeneration, while implementing a building programme that will continue to modernise and improve the look and feel of campus.

Sussex Estates and Facilities will continue to take great care to protect and support this natural heritage. Careful maintenance ensures that the downland environment is reflected across campus and is enhanced in a variety of planned improvements.