JRA 2018: Previous Projects

Take a look at some examples of previous JRA projects.

In the table below, you can see the names of the research posters presented at last year's 'Celebrating Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition'. These names will give you an idea of the scope of JRA past JRA projects. Below the table, you'll find a gallery of the ten of the best JRA posters from our 2017 JRA cohort.


- Bitter-sweet memories: Quantifying how sugar and caffeine in flower nectar evoke memories in bees.

Biomedical Science

- Determination of the structure of Hsp90 in complex with activators designed to target Alzheimer’s disease.

- Targeting Cancer: Developing Small Molecule Inhibitors of Human RECQL5.

- Investigating the role of PICH in mitosis.


- Beyond oxidative stress: is glutathione just an antioxidant or is it a signalling molecule?

- Epidemiology of primary liver cancer in the elderly (age 65+ years) in England, 1971-2010.

- Exploring parents and caregivers' and school staff views on extending a school absence reporting app to provide tailored guidance on asthma management.

- Quality of online information on autism and vaccinations: an evaluation, content analysis and comparison of English and Mandarin webpages.

- Regulation of SARM in monocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients.


- Computational studies on Acridines, to further the fight against Cancer.

- Investigating the aggregate lifetime of the organic species ‘Sunset yellow’ via nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

- Iron and Cobalt Complexes in Unusual Geometries for Single Molecular Magnetism.


- Do Remittance Payments Help Alleviate Poverty For Families in Zimbabwe?

- Pop Up Advertising and Purchasing Behaviour.


- Employing Image De-rotation to Explore Heat Transfer in Jet Turbine Engines.

- Inductive Program Synthesis.

- Experimental Modelling of Natural Joints.


- 'Enough of Experts': Rhetoric as a Tool of Oppositional Poetics.

- The Female Apocalypse: Changes in reproductive "choice", agency and politics: a utopia or a dystopia?

- The Great Acceleration of Converging Cataclysms.

- How does compliment response correspond to compliment length?

- Non-verbal Communication as an Erotic Way of Relating to the World in Audre Lorde’s Zami: A Biomythography.

- Poetry and Self-Definition: The Work of Anna Mendelssohn.

- Re-discovering the globe: A study of Emery Molyneux's 1592 globe and its cultural implications

- "The sort of thing that can't be spoken of": dissociation in Hemingway's narrative style.

- Triggering affected states: The politics and ethics of staging trauma in the work of Katie Mitchell.


- A Bioinformatics study of prophase I meiotic HiC data, aggregated on the centromere.

- Investigation of Intra-chromosomal Interactions around centromeric regions of S.cerevisiae.

- Molecular control of gene activity during animal development.

- Ribosomal Subunit Processing Dysfunction in the Delta FUS Cell Model of ALS.

- Synonymous Codon Bias: An Effect on Protein Evolution?


- Emotionless Forecasts: Increasing Climate Change Risk?


- Recalling Macaulay: A treatise into the life and works of the celebrated historian Catherine Macaulay.


- Autonomous robot navigation using GPU enhanced neural networks.

- Question-Question Pairing with Deep Neural Networks.

- Simulating Evacuating Crowds with Mobility Models in the ONE Simulator.

- Sleep-Wake Robotics: Evolution of a Braitenberg vehicle through continuous modelling of the environment.

International Relations 

- British expats in Spain and Brexit: A Survey and Socio-Historical Review.

- Drawing Local Demarcations: Perception of Refugees in Zones of Contact.

- Putin’s embodied sovereignty; the rise-of hyper-masculinity and struggles over legitimacy and identity in U.S. political discourse.


- Are Adjectives Actually Verbs in Cameroon Pidgin English? A Corpus Based Study of Core Versus Peripheral Property Concept Expressions.


- An Application of the 'Travelling Salesman' to Brighton's Landmarks.

- From models of microstructure via energy minimization to the design of smart materials.

Medical Neuroscience

- Aligning Dimensions of Interoceptive Experience (ADIE) to prevent development of anxiety disorders in autism.

- Classifying and Developing Scales for Visual Snow Syndrome and Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder


- Evaluating rhythm accuracy with NETEM's Syncphonia tablet applications.


- Carrying a risk gene for dementia: The effect of APOE on cognition in mid-adulthood.

- Examining Junction Plakoglobin/ γ-Catenin as a Cytoplasmic Dynein Adaptor Protein.

- Using computer modelling to further understand and refine Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

- Visual bias in the walking behaviour of ants.


- Knowing Mendelssohn through the Archive.

- Shame and Emotional Responses to Art: A Feminist Approach.


- Faint-End Upturn of the Luminosity Function of Galaxies in Clusters.

- Predictions for the James Webb Space Telescope.

- Retarded Casimir Polder Forces for Neutral Atom Near a Strip.

- A Search for Planet-9 in Dark Energy Survey Images.

- Terahartz Generation.

- Thomas the Tank Engine and the fate of the Universe.

Physics & Astronomy

- Predicting observables from models of cosmic inflation.


- How are Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage portrayed as in British newspapers and what does this mean for populism?


- Debunking Autism Myths.

- Developing Stimuli to Test Infant Hue Discrimination.

- Endogenous distractors: How and why does a thought achieve salience?

- The Goal of Common Ground: Neural Models of Teaching Cognition (pilot study).


Seasonal Variation in Exploitative Competition Between Honey Bees and Bumblebees.

JRA 2017 - Top Ten Posters

Take a look at ten of the best posters from our 2017 JRA cohort.