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Email using Apple Mail (on MacOS X)

Add your account

  1. open the Mail menu and select Add Accounts
  2. to add your Sussex email account, choose Exchange from the list 

  3. put in your Sussex email address, username and password and click on OK

Mail will obtain your details from the Sussex mail server and also set up calendar and contacts information in Calendar and Address Book.

  • click on Create to set up the account and finish

Mail will then download your mail information which could take a long time depending on the number of messages in your account.

Using Mail

You can read and send your Sussex email in Mail and manage all of your folders.

The folders used for sending or receiving email (Inbox, Sent, Drafts and Trash) are shown in the top section of the folder list. Any additional folders which you have set up are also available but shown in the lower part of the list.

Mail Folders

Look up addresses

  • click on Address to find email addresses for Sussex colleagues
  • click on All Directories and enter a name in the search field
  • when located, click on a name to highlight it and then click To, Cc or Bcc and add to your message

Mail Folders

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