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Upload and save files to Box

This is a brief guide to uploading files to Box. There are different methods available depending on if you are using the Box website or Box Drive. 

Uploading a file using Box Drive

If you want to upload a file to Box Drive, open your Box Drive folder and the folder you want to drag the files from, drag and drop your required files into Box Drive.

Saving a file to Box Drive?

To save a file to a Box folder choose ‘Save As’ and select Box. The Box folders you have recently used will appear at the top of the screen. You can save directly to those folders or browse Box. If you chose to Browse Box and the file you want isn’t listed, you can click on the home button which will take you to the All files area. From there you can drill down into folders as required.

How to save to box Drive  

Uploading a file to the Box website

If you have a file/folder or several files/folders that you would like to place in Box first, open Box and navigate to the place where you would like to put the files/folders. Press 'Upload' and point to the files you wish to upload. Box will do the rest.

How to upload files to Box Drive

You can also drag and drop files in to the Box website.  

If you need any additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk for support 

created on 2020-03-19 by Trudy Cadman
last updated on 2020-03-24 by Trudy Cadman