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How can I get more file space / disk space?

IT Services provides computer file space necessary to support the learning, teaching and research of all students and staff at the University. A file space quota system is required to support this commitment.

Each person is allocated a default amount of file space, currently 50 Gb, with a separate additional allocation of space for email (50 Gb for students and taught postgraduates using Microsoft Online, 2 Gb for staff and research students).

Please follow this procedure to check how much of your quota you are using.

File space should only be used for your current work so consider whether all your files or mail messages are still required. If a file or message is no longer needed you then you should delete it or store it elsewhere, for example on a CD or USB memory stick.

If these solutions are not suitable, then to request more file space please complete our online form (login needed).

You will be asked to include the academic or business reasons for your request. 

IT Services will also ask undergraduates to provide confirmation from their course tutor, and postgraduates to provide confirmation from their supervisor, about the additional file space that they will need for their work.

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