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Backup: How do I make an archive of my site?

The backup will create a zip file of your module site. Depending on what you select it might include the site structure, files, resources, activities and logs.  A backup can be restored on to any Moodle site of the same or higher version.

To make a backup: 

1 Go to the tools section of tha dashboard and select 'backup'. 

2 A list of the resources and activities with checkboxes then allow you to select the parts of the site you wish to backup. 

3 At the bottom of the page there are two option to backup 'site' and 'system' files.

  • If you select 'yes' for 'site files' it will backup all files on your site. If you select 'no' it will only backup files which are linked resources on your site, and will not include those which have been embedded using the html editor. 
  • You do not need 'system' files

4 Once you have decided what you'd like to back up select continue.

5 You will be taken to a page which displays a summary of the backup you are about to create. At the top of the page you can change the default name of the backup zip file you are about to create.

6 Select 'continue'.

7. The backup will begin. Depending on the size of your site, this process could take several minutes. When the back up is complete select 'continue'. If any error messages appear during the backup please cut and paste all the text from the backup screen and email it to If successful, it will say 'backup completed'.

8. Select 'continue'.

9. You will be taken to the directory with the backup file. The backup can be restored either over the current site or adding to another module site that you own.

10. To download a copy of your backup file, move your cursor over the filename and, from the additional option buttons that are displayed, right click on View File and choose 'Save file as' to save it to your computer.

11. Selecting 'continue' will take you back to your site.

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Created by Paolo Oprandi on 9 February 2007 and last updated by Carol Shergold on 22 February 2017