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How do I change the owner (or add a co-owner) in my mailing list?

In this article we will use the word "owner" to refer to a mailing list's administrator (the person who looks after a list and manages its membership).

You are free to change the owner of, or add an extra owner to any of your mailing lists, but you must observe the following conditions:

  • The new owner's email address must only be a Sussex (, BSMS ( or IDS ( address.
  • You must specify their official Sussex email address (that is, their email address as shown in the Staff or Student directories).
  • You must give the administrator password (that's the list password, not your own account's password) to the new owner or co-owner.

To change the owner of a list, or to add an extra co-owner, do the following:

  1. Open the Admin page for the list. This will be where listname is the name of the mailing list.  Or, visit
    and enter the exact name of your list in the first box shown there.
  2. Enter the administrator password in the box provided.
  3. In the General Options page (this is the first page opened), scroll down to the box labelled 'The list administrator email addresses. Multiple administrator addresses, each on a separate line is okay.'
    It's the second option box down the page.
  4. EITHER: Replace your address in the box with that of the new owner.
    OR: If you want to continue as an owner and add an extra co-owner, just add the new owner's address below your own in the box.
  5. Click the 'Submit Your Changes' button button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Make sure that the new owner knows the password for the mailing list.  THIS IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL PASSWORD!

If you are leaving the university and know who your successor is, but you will not be at the university when they start in their new role, please email us at Online Support before you leave, giving details of the mailing list name(s), when the change of ownership needs to be done, and the name and email address of the person who will assume onership of the mailing list.

If you are leaving the university and do not know who your successor is, you will need to make arrangements for your colleagues in your department to contact us with the above information.

NOTE:  All mailing lists must have an 'owner' still working or studying at Sussex.  If any are found without a current Sussex owner, the mailing lists may be suspended, and later deleted if no new owner is nominated.

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Created by Andy Clews on 12 April 2005 and last updated by Andy Clews on 30 July 2015