TARGET AUDIENCE: This workshop is intended for doctoral researchers in their second year onwards who have some experience of presenting their research.


This two-part workshop covers advanced presentation skills, and how to present complex research data, techniques and ideas. Participants will receive guidance, advice and feedback in how to design and deliver a presentation.

In the first session we will discuss generic presenting skills, and you will learn some tips for tailoring your presentation for your audience. You will receive feedback on slides that you have brought to the session, and support in developing an action plan for improvement before the second session.

By session 2 you will be ready to deliver a short presentation, which will be filmed. You will receive feedback on your presentation, and have access to your recording to view afterwards.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the workshops you should have:


"A really helpful workshop that has shown me how to clearly present my data."

"I learned a lot from this workshop, such as the importance of clear structure and layout - and practice!"

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We also provide a related E-Learning module: Better Presentations, which you can access at any time.