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Trainer: Dr Perpetua Kirby, Lecturer in Childhood & Youth in the School of Education and Social Work

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Target audience:

Doctoral researchers at all stages and from all disciplines.

Workshop description:

This three-hour academic writing workshop is geared towards any doctoral researcher who is actively engaged in writing at any stage of their studies. The key aim of the workshop is to discuss and pilot ways of bringing greater creativity and reflexivity into your writing. To do this, we will look at what constitutes a ‘writerly’ voice, the role of the audience and how to bring ourselves more into the writing we produce.

Together we will draw across our experiences from different doctoral topics, approaches, stages, and disciplines, to share challenges, strategies, and joys of the academic writing journey.

There will be opportunities to explore different ideas, share experiences of academic writing, as well as engage in writing activities. It is our intention that you will leave the workshop with ideas of how to stimulate creativity and a better understanding of your relationship with writing. We hope that this will re-energise you to approach your writing in new ways, whether in terms of process, style or content.

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