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Trainer: Dr Emily Danvers, Lecturer in Higher Education Pedagogy at the School of Education and Social Work

Location: The Keep 2/3

Target audience: Doctoral researchers and research staff who are ready to produce a large chunk of writing.

Are you struggling to get started with your academic writing? Or have you hit a block? If so, this intensive one-day writing retreat can help you get back on track and make significant progress with your article or book. You get the time and space to focus.

With guidance from an experienced facilitator, you’ll set realistic goals and achieve them in a supportive environment. The programme includes warm-up exercises, group discussion, 1-2-1 coaching, and plenty of time to immerse yourself in writing. We will also provide refreshments throughout the day, and participants are welcome to bring their own lunch.

By the end of the retreat, you’ll have:

Dr Emily Danvers is an experienced workshop facilitator. Emily is currently a Lecturer in Higher Education Pedagogy at the School of of Education and Social Work.

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