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Trainer: Nicky McCrudden

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Structure and content:

Giving presentations comes high on most people list of ‘least favourite things to do’, but with a few simple tricks and a structure to help you plan, you can counteract your fear of presenting. This short, interactive session will cover:

Learning outcomes:

By participating in this workshop you’ll discover a systematic way to plan presentations for virtual and in-person delivery, helping to build your confidence and avoid common mistakes that undermine the quality of your message.

About the facilitator:

Nicky McCrudden was formerly the Managing Director of a multi-award winning management training company. For over a decade Nicky delivered skills workshops, gave high-stakes presentations as part of procurement exercises and delivered conference presentations to hundreds of people (virtually and in-person). As a learning and development professional Nicky specialised in helping people find their voice and get their message across. Now, a fellow Doctoral Research student, Nicky’s PhD is exploring the development of compassion in workplaces.

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