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Trainer: Joanna Young

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Target audience: Researchers at all stages

Workshop description: This online workshop is designed specifically for researchers who are looking to develop their online presence and boost their career prospects through social media. There are now numerous channels available that can be used to amplify your research, promote an enterprising project and attract future employers. In addition, social networks can act as a valuable source of information and a personally tailored news feed.

We will explore different types of content that researchers can experiment with. What engages people? What should you post and what should you avoid? How should you manage your time on social media and optimise your engagement? In addition to designing an individual social media strategy, the workshop will include a section on legal considerations, privacy and openness.

The session will mention a selection of mainstream social media tools that can be used to build your online profile including LinkedIn and Twitter. Short exercises, case studies and the instructor’s personal experience will be included to illustrate key points.

Learning objectives:At the end of this workshop researchers will have:

Technical requirements:No prior experience is assumed so the course is suitable for beginners, however you may wish to set up a Twitter account prior to the session or be logged in to Twitter if you already have an account.

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