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Trainer: Joanna Young

Location: Online (via Zoom)

Target audience: Researchers at all stages

Workshop description: Displaying information in a visual format is an excellent way for researchers to communicate their work. You can enhance your research papers, thesis, conference posters, presentations and public engagement activities with accurate and clear visual representations. This workshop is designed to introduce participants to various types of visual formats including standard graphs, information visualisations and graphics for publication.

There are a number of different ways to display your data or ideas visually and it depends on who you are aiming to engage and what you want to tell them. Building excellent graphics and summary figures takes time, practice and a willingness to learn the appropriate software. This workshop will provide an overview of information visualisation and further resources for participants to explore in their own time.

Data and information visualisation is a vast and rapidly growing field. This workshop covers the principles of visualising data, examples of excellent visualisations and poor visualisations and case studies including examples from the instructor’s own publications and experience.

Learning objectives: At the end of this workshop researchers will have:

Technical details*Please note: this is not a workshop on digital tools, though a list of tools will be provided for participants to explore in their own time.

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