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Trainer: Simon Watts

Location: (ONLINE)

Workshop description:

This session will introduce and discuss the practicalities of academic journal publishing. Various means for choosing a target journal will be considered, as will the mechanics of writing an effective paper (including a summary of the aims of each section of an academic report). Strategies for dealing with reviewer comments will also be considered at some length and opportunity will be provided to look at the response-to-reviewer letters of experienced academics. Time will also be made available for questions.

Workshop feedback:

This workshop is part of the UEA Online Training Series, and is being repeated exclusively for Sussex PhD researchers due to high demand.

Technical details: In order to attend the online training you will need to download the appropriate virtual classroom software, provided by Electa-Live. This can be accessed direct from the Electa website at: []. Please do this as soon as possible and do not wait until the day of the session. The software can be downloaded to a PC, laptop, tablet, or even a smart phone. Remember, however, that downloading to a work computer may require administrative permissions to be granted. For this reason, the use of a personal computer may be advisable.

Sign up via SussexDirect and the link to join will be emailed to your Sussex or BSMS email address the day before the session.