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Trainer: Dr Rod Bond

Location: Online

PLEASE NOTE: This is a two-part workshop and participants are expected to attend both sessions.

Workshop description:

This workshop builds on the Introduction to R workshop taught earlier this term. Students should have some familiarity with R, either having attended Introduction to R or equivalent (essentially an introduction to the ‘tidyverse’).

The first day will be devoted to further exploration of the graphics package ggplot2, including comparing groups, and customising chart appearance using scale functions and themes.

The second day will introduce R Markdown as an alternative way of working with R and producing documents reporting analysis. We shall also look further at data manipulation, including data restructuring and joining datasets.

Workshop structure: Students are expected to watch a recorded lecture before the workshop. The workshop will include live demonstrations of the key points and an opportunity to ask questions.

Technical details: Participants are free to choose whether they would like to keep their video cameras on or off.

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